New Workout: No Equipment Full Body Fat Blasting HIIT

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HAPPY FIT FRIDAY! What better way to ring in a long weekend than with a fat blasting workout?! I hope y’all are pumped and ready to sweat, because this is a good one.

Full Body HIIT

Y’all all know how much I love HIIT. If you don’t, read this and get caught up. Okay let’s not waste any time…here are the details.

Equipment You’ll Need:


Workout Printable/Breakdown:

No Equipment Full Body Fat Blasting HIIT

Complete 4 rounds of the following:

Broad Jumps – 1 minute: Start in a half squat position. Throw your arms back and jump up and forward as high as you can. Land in a deep squat. Return to starting position.

Side Plank Dip Crunch x12 (per side): Start in a side plank, with wrist aligned with shoulder and the top leg raised. Dip your hip to the floor. Raise back up into starting position. Crunch your elbow and your knee together. Return to starting position.

Jump Lunge – 1 minute: Start in lunge position. Jump up and switch legs in mid air. Land in lunge with opposite leg up.

Bridge Marches x30 (alternating sides): Start in a bridge, squeezing your butt tight and hips high. Hips stay high the entire time. Slowly raise one foot up a few inches and bring it back down. Switch feet. It is like you are marching in place.

Burpee with Tuck Jump – 1 minute: Jump back into a push-up, push yourself up and power up. As you power up, jump high and tuck your knees to your chest and smack your knees with your hands. This is all a fluid motion.

3-Count Tricep Push-Up x12: Get into a push-up position with elbows close to your body. Your elbows stay glued to your side during a tricep push-up. Begin lowing your body slowly, taking 3 counts to fully hit your chest on the floor and then power back up.

You will feel this workout all over! It’ll really get that sweat going and prepare you for Memorial Day weekend…woo hoo! HAPPY SWEATING and happy long weekend (: 

xo, Jess


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