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Hey y’all! So today I bring you a workout on…a Monday! I know I usually post them on Fridays, but today is a special occasion…read on! The workout will be at the end of the post – promise (;

My friends over at Cozy Orange sent me this super cute outfit! I actually wore it out to breakfast with Adam on Saturday morning. The sheer shirt was PERFECT for a hot Florida day (seriously…it’s so freaking hot here right now). Plus HELLO who doesn’t love workout outfits that you can wear out to real life events?!

Here’s a look at the sports bra (please don’t mind my paleness…too hot to lay out and tan right now. I die):



I ADORE the pattern on these shorts (even Adam said how cool the pattern was) and the sports bra is so comfy. My favorite part of the sports bra is the back because it’s got a little sassy flair. Just look!


So cute, I KNOW. Oh and guess what? Cozy Orange is offering YOU a promo code. So check out what they have to offer (I love the Terra tank and the Leo leggings) and make sure to use the code “glisten cozy” at check out for a nice little discount!

And because I couldn’t stand to wear this super cute outfit without doing a little workout here y’all go!

Equipment You’ll Need:

  • Timer
  • Mat

Workout Breakdown:



So go buy yourself a new outfit from Cozy Orange and give this workout a try and let me know what y’all think!

xo, Jess

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