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I asked on Instagram and Facebook if y’all were interested in a June BOOTY BUILDING series and the consensus was a hands down YES, so here we go!

Today I have the very first booty building workout for FIT FRIDAY…which every Friday in June will be dedicated to a brand new BOOTY BUILDING workout. I want all of you ladies to feel and look your best this summer so why not start with working our cute bikini bums?

Booty Series

Today’s workout is a HIIT style BOOTY workout…which is how I train my booty once a week. I workout legs/booty 2 times per week, one of those days being a HIIT style workout like today’s.

Equipment You’ll Need:

  • Medicine Ball (I used 10 pounds)
  • High Wall (to throw medicine ball at)
  • Kettlebell (I used 25 pounds)
  • 2 Chairs
  • 1 Box ( for jumping on – you can use something else as long as it will hold your weight)
  • BOSU Ball
  • Pair of Dumbbells (I used 10 pound dumbbells and 15 pound dumbbells for these moves)
  • Timer


Workout Video & Breakdown:



Do this 3 times through:

1 minute wall balls: Start in a squat, holding the medicine ball at your chest. As you stand up toss the ball as high as you can up at a wall. As you catch the ball, land in that squat again. Let the ball push you down into a squat. You should be standing closer to the wall than you think…about 1-2 feet away.

25 elevated sumo squats: Holding the kettlbell by the handle with both hands, stand with one foot on each chair, toes pointed slightly out. The kettlebell hangs down in front of you the entire time. Slowly lower down into a squat, back straight, chest up. Stand back up, squeezing your butt as tight as you can at the top.

1 minute box jumps: Start standing in front of the box. Fling your arms back to help you gain momentum. Jump up onto the box, landing in a soft squat. You want a soft landing every time. Stand up (still on the box) from the squat. Hop down from the box and repeat. Landing in the squat is key!

25 hyperextensions: You can do this on a stability ball or even on the floor. I am doing it on a BOSU ball in the video. Hands stay on the ground in front of you, Legs stay locked and toes pointed. Raise your legs up and squeeze your butt as tight as you can. Lower back down.

1 minute kettlebell swings: Stand holding kettlebell with toes facing slightly out. Swing the kettlebell between your legs, your forearms should touch your thighs. Load your hamstrings and use your hips to power through the swing. Make sure you’re squeezing you butt at the top of the swing!

25 deadlifts: I’m using 15 pound dumbbells for this move. If I had heavier dumbbells at home I would use them (try to do 25-30 pound weights if you’re doing this at the gym). Stand with your feet a little closer than hips with apart. Knees are in athletic stance (so not bent but not locked…kind of soft). Roll the weights down your legs, keeping your back completely flat. You should feel a stretch in your hamstrings. Roll back up.

1 minute jump lunges: Start in a lunge position. I keep my hands on my hips to helps with balance. Jump up and land in a lunge, but with the opposite leg forward.

30 curtsey lunges with a curl: I’m using 10 pound weights for this move. Bend your front leg and swing the back leg behind it, just like you are doing a curtsey. At the same time, curl the weights up. It is one fluid motion. Switch legs.


My sweet husband filmed the video for me, and I guess we didn’t realize that we needed to flip the phone the other way, so y’all get a tall/skinny video…sorry! Now we know for next week (;

*In order to BUILD a booty you need WEIGHT (aka resistance) included during your booty workouts. So use the heaviest amount of weight that you can handle during these exercises. But whatever you do, please don’t sacrifice form!


xo, Jess

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