10-Minute Living Room Workout

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I know that we all have busy, go-go-go schedules so sometimes a quickie workout is all you have time for. I put together this 10-minute workout that you can do in your living room while watching TV or just hanging out.

10 Minute Living Room Workout

The British Heart Foundation together with MVC has asked a few bloggers to come up with a home inspired workout so I figured this would be perfect!

This workout is going to get your heart rate up and strengthen your core and upper body.

Okay enough talking, let’s workout!

Workout Printable:

Living Room Workout
Workout Breakdown:

Complete each move for 1 minute. Do 2 rounds.

Remote Passes: Go into a boat pose (make sure to keep your back flat) and pass a remote around your legs. This is great for your core and also a great way to keep your husband from being able to grab the remote and change the channel every 3 seconds (;

Couch Dips: Sit on the edge of the couch with your hands on either side of you and fingers facing toward you. As you dip down (shoot your elbows back) kick one leg up. As you come up bring your leg down. Alternate legs with every dip.

Table Top Jumps: Jump up onto a hard surface. Land soft with bent knees and stand all the way up.

Puppy Squats: Grab the nearest puppy (or baby or book or whatever) and do a squat. Extra points if what you’re holding wiggles a lot, haha!

Table Top Crunches: Sit on the edge of a table with your arms on either side of you and your fingers facing you. As you extend your legs straight out, lean back. Then crunch your chest and knees together.

I hope you have fun with this 10-Minute Living Room Workout! I’ll have another new workout on Friday. PLUS I’m working on the Q&A video, so that will be posted soon, too (:

xo, Jess



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