When my clients accomplish their goals, I’m accomplishing my goals.

It is truly my passion to work one on one with women, guiding them, encouraging them, inspiring them, and teaching them how to love living a healthy lifestyle! Here are some of my sweet, sweet clients and what they’ve accomplished so far (:


I’ve been working with Jessica through my one-on-one online training for over a year and she is committed to her goals, no doubt. No matter the challenges she’s presented, she finds a way to overcome them. So, so proud of not only the physical gains that she has made but the mental ones, too!




Jennifer said:

Jennifer is a member of my online gym (:

“I just wanted to thank you again for all of your amazing workout videos, recipes, and daily inspiration. You have done more for me than just share workout videos with me to help me improve my strength, but you have also helped me to know what to eat when. I feel more comfortable around food knowing what will make me feel bloated or what will provide my body energy. I wake up check your Instagram for a motivational quote, and start my day off right! It feels so good to see improvements and to just feel stronger and healthier! When I first started your online gym, I could barely do a push up, but now I can do all 10 push ups in the warm up. I’m so proud of myself!”

Jennifer Johnson

The following ladies completed the 28-Day Challenge that is included in my e-book:

“Jessica Massey, with tears in my eyes I say thank you again! I have ALWAYS struggled with my weight. Every morning I get notifications from Facebook telling me about memories. Everyday is something about working out from years ago. I felt like a hamster in a wheel always chasing this body that I could never get or I was so unhappy with my results. This is the first time in my life that I feel confident with and accepting of my body. You did that for me. The Glisten girls did that for me. This challenge did that for me. I did this for me. Never again will I look in the mirror and hate the person that I see. I’m embracing this beautiful and strong body that I have. I’ve learned that my journey is my own and I can do and see something all the way through.”


“This journey has also taught me how to have confidence in myself as well as how to love myself for who I am. In this crazy world we live in, where society tries to tell you how you should look or feel, it is not easy to be accepting of yourself. However, through the Fierce, Fabulous, and Fit challenges each day, I have learned to love myself for my mind, body and spirit. In my opinion, women in today’s society are even harder on themselves. We rarely take enough time, not even a few minutes, to point out our strengths and various things we love about ourselves. During this challenge, I found that it was very refreshing to take time to focus on myself and become my own cheerleader – because we all deserve that.”



“I’ve always struggled with body issues since my eighth grade year. It’s a constant yoyo of up and down body fat. I was always the “fat cousin.” In late November 2013, I started adding protein shakes for supplementation and began exercising regularly. This is the first time in my life that I kept myself motivated for more than 2-3 months before falling off. I started falling off this time around February 2015. It’s hard staying motivated when you workout by yourself at home. That is the only option I have right now. The Glisten Fit Challenge is the first online challenge I’ve ever done. I also allowed myself to break down some guards and allow total strangers to follow my IG! Big deal for me. It was wonderful having support from these women and being motivated by their posts. I wanted to quit early so many times but pushed through each time thinking about the #glistengirls! I have never glistened so hard in my life! I also picked up wearing bold color lipstain. I feel fierce with it on! And I know people notice it too. Makes me feel tough! I don’t have a big heart warming story. I’m just that mom in her 30s trying to finally get that goal body I’ve always wanted. I’ve had self esteem issues like many women have, but with age and experience, I’ve learned not to give much damn about the negativity around me. I have been inspired from women like you to keep improving myself each day and surround myself with women who support my fit lifestyle journey, even if they are strangers on IG. They aren’t anymore and I’ve made new fit friends to help me never fall off track again.”