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Printable Workout Plans + Online Gym Videos + 1-on-1 Online Training

HIIT Workout Plan

High intensity interval training burns crazy amounts of fat and is perfect for women who want to maintain muscle while incorporating cardio training. It's one of my favorite ways to train. In this e-book you'll get:

  • 4-week training schedule with 2 HIIT workouts per week

Equipment Needed:

Timer, Mat, Box/sturdy elevated platform, Jump rope, Dumbbells, Treadmill and/or stair master and/or bike (if you don't have access to any of this you can sub in running outdoors)

Cost: $20
Time Commitment: 4 weeks

Strength Workout Plan

Strength training is key to getting that lean, defined look. Plus, the more muscle that you have, the more calories that your body burns every day on its own. This program is designed to help you grow muscle and gain strength. In this e-book you'll get:

  • 4-week training schedule with 6 workouts + 1 rest day per week
  • Tips about building muscle and gaining strength 

Equipment Needed:

Timer, Mat, Box/sturdy elevated platform x2, Dumbbells, Barbell (option - this is a way to progress the exercises but they can all be done with dumbbells), small looped resistance band, large looped resistance band, exercise ball

Cost: $25
Time Commitment: 4 weeks

Bundle - HIIT + Strength Workout Plans

My 4-week HIIT and Strength programs can be done separately, but they are most effective when done together. This is what my personal workout regime is made up of. Get both plans for one great price!

*There is a training schedule in the Strength Program that tells you what days to do the HIIT cardio (:

Cost: $40
Time Commitment: 4 weeks

28-Day Workout Plan + 7-Day Meal Guide

This is my flagship e-book that started it all. Great for dedicated women who need direction and a set workout plan + meal guide. In this e-book you'll get:

  • 28-day full body workout program
  • 7-day meal guide + grocery list
  • TONS of tips and encouragement for staying on track with your health + fitness journey

Cost: $45
Time Commitment: 28 Days

Glisten Online Gym

Train with me every day! The workouts in Glisten Online Gym are full body workouts designed to burn fat and build muscle. Each week enjoy:

  • A workout schedule with 5 scheduled workouts + 2 rest days
  • Videos of each workout to follow 
  • Access to all archived workout videos and schedules

Cost: $10 per month
Time Commitment: Up to you!

1-on-1 Online Training

If you're seeking individualized attention and programming, I would love to be your online personal trainer! Spots are limited and go on sale the 20th of every month. Includes:

  • A 4-week personalized workout plan (can be made for gym workouts or home workouts)
  • A weekly email check in to hold you accountable and keep you on track
  • Unlimited email communication with me

Cost: $100 per month
Time Commitment: 4 weeks