The 3 Be’s

The 3 Be’s: Because being fit and healthy is all about being well-rounded!

I think that being fit and living a healthy life is way more than just working out regularly. I think your attitude matters. What you eat matters. What you do in your spare time matters. So I give you the 3 Be’s: Be fierce. Be fabulous. Be fit. Allow me to explain.

Be Fierce:

Fierce is defined as having or displaying an intense ferociousness or aggressiveness. Sounds a little bit crazy, doesn’t it? But I’m a firm believer in being fierce. You have to go all in without holding back. To me, that’s being fierce…going after something relentlessly, not really caring if other people think you’re crazy. It’s being passionate. Being alive. Giving your all. Being present in every moment. Making your presence known. This “be” to me is about your attitude and your mindset.

Be Fabulous:

Fabulous is being extraordinary. Taking care of your mind and body from the inside out. How can you do this? Fuel your body with whole, healthy foods. Take pride in your appearance. Spend time with your girlfriends. Love your life!

I see this “be” as more of an outward appearance. I know that it’s what’s on the inside that matters most, but I think it’s important to take the time to love your outward appearance as well. If you take the time to present yourself nicely, you’ll feel better. For example, when I roll out of bed and throw on a t-shirt and a rock a top knot, my days tend to be kind of blah. But if I wake up and choose an outfit that I love, and put a little time and effort into my hair and makeup, I feel more confident throughout the day and feel like there’s nothing that can stop me.

Be Fit:

Fit is defined as being in good health. I think fit ties fierce and fabulous together. To appreciate being fit and to reach your goals of being fit, you need to be fierce and fabulous, too! Being fit is a constant battle…it’s a journey, not a destination. So treat each day as such. Don’t fret over goals that you might not make right away or days that you might not have time to workout. Use that stuff as fuel to push you forward! Move your body.