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I was about to say that I have a recipe post for y’all today, but I would HARDLY call this a recipe. It’s honestly so easy…just throwing a bunch of stuff in a bowl. I’ve already talked about how food should be looked at as fuel for your body. Getting the best results during (and after) your workouts depends a lot on the food that you’re consuming…shocker, I know (;

I’ve had a lot of people ask me what they should be eating before and after their workouts…well check back tomorrow for Talk It Out Tuesday to read more about that.

Today I’m sharing something that I like to eat before a HIIT workout:

Pre Workout Fuel

I like to keep my meals simple. I don’t have a lot of time to cook (which in my opinion is not a valid excuse to eat crap) so I make it work. I like eating some good carbs, healthy fat, and a little bit of protein about an hour before I workout.

For this all I did was cut up an apple, melt 2 TBS of PB (I use the stove because microwaves weird me out, but feel free to use the microwave) and pour it over the apples, and sprinkle some cinnamon & cacao chips on top.

The breakdown:

Good carbs: apple
Protein: peanut butter (this all natural PB…I would also use almond butter)
Healthy fat: peanut butter

A little tip: If you sprinkle ground cinnamon on a high carb food, it will help lessen the impact on your blood sugar levels. It actually slows the rate that your stomach empties after eating. Plus hello…it’s delicious.

And let’s be honest…I added the cacao chips because they’re delicious. You can leave this off if you’re trying to lose weight and really concerned about the chocolate being on there. But FYI, raw chocolate (cacao) also has its share of health benefits, which you can read about here.

BAM: a little snack that will give me the energy that I need to KILL my upcoming workout.

xo, Jessica

P.S. Did you see the MAKE IT HAPPEN MARCH calendar?


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