Mmm Monday: Sweet & Delicious Green Smoothie

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Happy Monday! I’m kicking the week off with an Mmm Monday recipe post…my favorite (well, favorite at the moment) green smoothie. A lot of people are scared of green smoothies because of how they look. I get it, I get it. BUT we’ve all heard the saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Well it’s the same for smoothies. You have got to give this one a chance…I promise it’s delicious!

Sometimes I have trouble eating enough veggies throughout the day. This smoothie is a tasty and easy way to get some greens in. I usually like to have this smoothie toward the beginning of the day, usually before 2:30-3 P.M. so that my body has enough time to process all of the sugar from the fruit. I have a lot of green smoothies that I drink, but this is the best one I’ve made yet. My Dad even drank it and didn’t spit it out…that’s saying A LOT.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Ingredients for one smoothie:

* 2 handfuls of baby spinach
* 1 cup of coconut water (I use Zico’s natural flavor for this recipe)
* 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (I use this one in vanilla)
* 1 packet of Truvia, some stevia extract or agave (to sweeten it…so this is totally optional)
* 1 sliced banana (I use frozen…it helps with texture and makes the smoothie colder)
* 1/4 cup blueberries
* 1 cup chopped pineapple

Blend all of that together in your blender or whatever you use to blend smoothies. (I use a Ninja and love it! But I am thinking about getting a Vitamix. Does anyone have one? Is it worth the purchase?). Then pour the smoothie into a glass, grab a cute straw and enjoy!

Perks of this smoothie:

* Keeps me full for 2-2.5 hours
* Great way to include more fruits & veggies in my diet
* Easy for on the go people
* Blueberries are packed with antioxidants & fiber, they help get rid of belly fat, they are a low-glycemic index fruit
* Pineapple is packed with vitamin C
* Bananas are loaded with potassium and are considered a high energy fruit


So if you’ve tried green smoothies in the past and just can’t stand the taste, give this one a try. I promise this sweet & delicious smoothie will not let your taste buds down! Let me know what you think after you try it!


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