Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too

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If you’ve read any recipe posts on this blog, you know that I have a sweet tooth. I’ve accepted it, and instead of a. panicking over it or b. giving in and eating ALL of the cookies, cake and ice cream, I’ve decided to make recipes that satisfy that sweet tooth without me having to sacrifice my waistline.

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed last week and came on a post from one of my sister-in-laws. She posted a recipe for a protein cake that looked too good to be true. And the best part was that it only needed 4 ingredients. I was sold. I gathered everything I needed and spent the 5 minutes (oh yes, you heard that right) making it.

I had to play around with the recipe a little bit, because my microwave isn’t super powerful. The cooking time and amount of milk that you use may vary, so keep that in mind. If you cook it too long you might have a cake that tastes like scrambled eggs (this happened to 2 of my friends). So spend a few minutes of trial and error to perfect the recipe for you!

Chocolate Protein Cake

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 1 scoop of protein (I’ve only used whey chocolate)
  • 1 whole egg
  • Splash of almond milk (enough to be able to mix everything together but not enough to make the batter soupy)
  • A tiny sprinkle (think like 1/8 of a teaspoon, tiny) of baking soda

Mix everything together in a coffee mug (I used a short, fat mug). Make sure that your batter is not too soupy. It should be decently thick. Then pop it in the microwave for 30-90 seconds, depending on your microwave. I’ve noticed that if I cook it too long, it tastes like eggs, so beware.

Once it’s done cooking, dump the cake onto a plate (by tipping the cup upside down) and top with toppings of your choice! You see peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon on mine. The peanut butter ends up melting all over the cake and acts like icing. Delicious!

Protein Cake

This has been my go-to post workout snack. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood for a protein shake/smoothie, but this cake does the trick. Or if I’m craving something sweet in the evenings, I’ll make one of these. So simple. So delicious. AND it’s a clean recipe. No guilt and a satisfied sweet tooth…I’ll take it!

xo, Jess



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  • Meg Scholz says:

    Ok, when I saw this on your IG I was in love because I LOVEEE mug cakes and sometimes I crave sweets too and normally reach for a mug cookie, but clearly this is much better!

    What brand of protein do you use!?


    • Glisten Fit says:

      You’ll LOVE IT! Cake > cookies all day 😉
      I used a brand called “Select”…mostly because I get it from the studio, haha!
      I’m sure any whey brand will work!

      LOVEEE. xo

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