All About Balance Brunch Bowl Recipe

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I hope y’all had a fabulous weekend (: I did! Friday night was girls’ night and Saturday was spent at an outdoor adventure course playing up in the trees. Which brings me to today’s post: BALANCE.

A lot of people who are newly beginning their health & fitness journey struggle to find balance. They either take it too far or don’t put in enough effort. Neither one is healthy. Part of your health & fitness journey is finding a balance that suits your lifestyle and your goals. I used to panic when I got invited to girls’ nights/any other event that involved food that I didn’t prepare or know exactly what was in it. I was scared that one night would throw all of my weeks of hard work down the drain.


Now that I’ve found balance that works for me, I know that it’s okay for me to treat myself here and there with a girls’ night filled with wine and chocolate. The key is moderation. Not doing it frequently but enjoying it when you do it. I can honestly say I was able to eat a few pieces of chocolate and drink wine (too much wine if we’re being honest, whoops) without sneaking to the bathroom to knock out a few burpees. I spent time laughing with my friends without feeling guilty. It was freeing.

Now that girls’ night is over, I’m back on track. I went for a run on Sunday and came home and did a little bit of strength training. Afterwards, I refueled with one of my favorite things: a brunch bowl! See? No big deal. My hard work was not sabotaged by one night. And I made sure to make that one night just that…one night. I was back on track the following day.

In honor of balance, I give y’all: The All About Balance Brunch Bowl:

All About Balance Brunch Bowl

It’s delicious! And super filling. Great for a post workout meal.

So remember, work hard so that you can play hard! Your health & fitness journey is all about balance and finding what works for you and your goals. Don’t make yourself crazy over a glass of wine or piece of chocolate. Instead enjoy yourself and just put in work regularly, with whole, clean foods and a killer training schedule! 

xo, Jess

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