You Ask, I Answer – Round 2

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Hey y’all!

So I got really great feedback on the first Q&A video so I figured we might as well tackle round 2 (: I have a blast making these videos, and I love reading all of your questions. I’ll be doing a call for questions for round 3 on Insta so make sure you’re following along there so you can ask your questions!

Below the video, you will find the questions typed out along with the time that they are answered in the video (in case you don’t want to watch the whole thing).

How do I get new clients? 1:20

What are your go to late night snacks? 2:20

What is your best advice for making time to workout? 3:20

What’s your beauty routine and what makeup products do you use? 5:20

What is the biggest mistake people make when trying to eat clean and how can they overcome it? 10:45

When did I start my fitness/eating clean lifestyle? Is my husband as involved in the same lifestyle? 12:15

Best way to push through a plateau? 14:40

What are your gym bag essentials? 15:58

When did I get the idea to start my own business? How did I decide which steps to take to get me where I am today? 20:00

Thanks for watching!

xo, Jess



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  • Amanda says:

    Haha! Girl, you made me laugh with the gym bag cleaning out. Also, don’t worry about the hair! I wash my hair just as much mainly because I have dry, sensitive, skin and this Florida water is doing me no favors!

    My husband is not on board with the working out either, he likes to run but past that, no. I tried to get him to do your arm burn out with me and after one move he was screwing off. Lol. But he is supportive of what I do so that’s all that matters. He is also a HVAC/R technician, but in the military, so he’s pretty active with his job but gets stuck doing desk work sometimes.

    So any ways, sorry for going on and on. Thank you for the video again! If you can’t tell I enjoy them.

    • Glisten Fit says:

      Hahaha I’m so glad I’m not the only one who never washes my hair!
      Too funny that your husband is in the AC business, too! My family owns one so I’ve been around the industry my whole life.

      I really appreciate you taking the time to watch and leave some feedback, girl! 🙂

      xo, Jess

  • Lindsay says:

    Couple things Jess:
    – You finally have a tan?- you always had a tan, girl!! 🙂
    – love your dark hair, it’s gorgeous Jess!
    – “not enough time for the gym” – simple. Make time. I think you’re absolutely right in that you need to make appointments for yourself to go work or go to the gym. At the end of the day, you’re accountable for yourself and there is no excuse. You don’t need to work out 4 hours at the gym to get in a good sweat. Make an effort.
    – I, like you, blow dry my sweaty ass hair all the time at the gym. I’ve asked around and heard that many of the dry shampoos aren’t great and if you’re looking for some dry shampoo of sorts, baby powder works just as good.
    – Benefit’s Brow Zings = the BOMB. I have blond eyelashes and eyebrows so this is a must for me. Love this stuff and it lasts AGES.

    Love your vids and always look forward to seeing you “live”.

    Much love,

    • Glisten Fit says:

      So glad that you enjoy the videos of me live, haha! I’m actually starting to enjoy making them! I used to be so nervous! I so appreciate you taking the time to watch and comment, girl!

      xo, Jess

  • I loved this, and I was able to get through it in one sitting (unlike the last video)! I’m on a newborn’s schedule these days, so it’s hard to truly sit down and focus on something. When she wants to eat, I drop everything else! Soooo demanding… 😉 Loved seeing and hearing you! Great questions and even better answers.

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