Q & A Round 4

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Hey y’all! How was your weekend?! Filled with lots of laughter and sunshine, like mine, I hope (:

I’m here with Round 4 of Questions and Answers. If you need to catch up, you can find the other ones here.


And here is round 4:

If you don’t want to watch the entire video you can scroll down and see at which time in the video each question is answered (:

How did Adam & I meet? 1:28

How did Drew and I start working together? 2:38

How do I stay away from temptations of not so healthy food and how do I avoid emotional or bored eating? 4:04

Do you fix separate dinners for you and your husband if he doesn’t want to eat clean like you? 5:35

What equipment do you need to have a basic at-home gym? 6:25

Is a workout as effective even with a lot of breaks during? I do all my workouts from home with two small children around. So with that being said I do have to take a lot of breaks (that I wish I didn’t have to take) to do things from getting them a drink to breaking up an argument and everything in-between. 8:00

When did your relationship with food change? What changes did you make immediately and what changes were gradual? 9:02

And here is the picture of Adam & I from high school that I promised:

This was toward the end of high school. This photo was taken about a year after I started going to the gym and attempting to eat healthy. And please note Adam’s huge afro….I was not kidding!

Anyway, make sure that you’re following on Insta so that when I do the next call for questions you can ask yours (:

xo, Jess

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  • Amanda says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. That picture! Lol! It’s funny the things we thought were good ideas back then. I know I have a few things I have to face-palm about when I see an old picture.

    Thank you for answering my question! I love getting my workout in, it makes me happy to know after all that I put in it’s still doing something for me.

    By the way, your arms are looking great!

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