Client Reviews

Emily from Valrico, Florida said:

“I followed Jessica on Instagram and her blog for a long time before I decided to embark on my fitness journey. It took a lot of courage to finally reach out to her but I knew I was contacting the right person who would get me the results I want. I’ve been training with her one on one and I cannot put into words how happy I am. I have already seen incredible results. She always mixes up the workouts so it’s not boring. Jess pushes me harder than I would ever push myself and I know that is why I am seeing such great results. She gives great nutritional guidance and keeps me accountable for what I eat by using a food log. She always makes herself available to her clients throughout the week for questions and encouragement. I can’t imagine training with someone better than Jessica. She’s gives Glisten Fit 120% of her effort and it shows in everything she does. I would recommend her to literally anyone because you simply cannot go wrong by having her as your personal trainer.”

Toni from Plant City, Florida said:

“After years of struggling with my weight, I decided to reach out and look for a personal trainer. I have to say that me finding Jessica was a blessing. I’ve been training with her now for six weeks and I’ve seen amazing results. She continues each week to encourage me when I feel like giving up and reminds me that I have to continue to work hard and eat healthy to see results. I love the fact that she wants to see her clients get fit & healthy but by doing it the right way. Her workouts are intense and kick my butt every single week. I would recommend anyone who needs help on their personal weight loss journey to reach out to Jessica. She is focused on making everyone’s weight loss journey successful and doesn’t take no for an answer :)”

Lindsay from Houston, Texas said:

“I LOVED all of your workouts! I really have nothing negative to say about you, your professionalism, your workouts, and your job as my online personal trainer. I truly wish I could work with you in Florida! I know it would be fun! I have actually made a workout plan for myself this week based on some of the workouts you gave me, your instagram workouts, and some of my own. I am going to keep up the HIIT workouts because I can tell they have a positive effect on my body. I can tell my shoulder, my abs, and everything else especially my back have really gained strength over these past 4 weeks. My husband said he can even feel it! I know my main issue is nutrition (and drinking mostly…) so I can get as strong as I want, but if I don’t eat right I won’t see the results I want. It’s a daily struggle, but I truly appreciate your encouragement! The online workouts worked well for me and my schedule because I could do them whenever I wanted and fit them into my schedule. I could also tell they worked because they definitely got my heart rate up, I was sweating like crazy, and at the end I felt truly accomplished. I am very much looking forward to your blog about what you eat on a daily basis. I know that I need to truly focus on my nutrition if I want to make a difference.”

Alex from Healdsburg, California said:

“I just want to say thank you for all of your help, advice and guidance these past few weeks! I have learned so much from you and your workout plans! You continued to push me, allowing me to push myself, and in turn, surprise myself and prove to myself just what I am capable of. Thank you again so much!”

Stephanie from Billings, Montana said:

“I have nothing but good things to say! I really love having a plan and knowing exactly what I’m going to do when I go to the gym each day. I also appreciate the fact that you kept bodypump as a part of my workout since I really enjoy the class. The workouts you send each week offer a great variety and I love that most take me 45 minutes max to complete. I’m loving the results I’m seeing, but the most exciting part is I can really feel myself getting stronger! And lastly, whenever I have a question you are always very quick to get back to me.”

Brandy from Lakeland, Florida said:

“I love it! I love the style of the workouts and length of time they take. They push me to work hard and really feels like I’m pushing my body. I can feel more strength already too. I love the 4 HIIT days and then the way you do the other 2…it all just flows really well. I actually look forward to my workouts! The nice thing too is that I  am being pushed and getting stronger but not having problems like I normally would with pain in knees or shoulders or anything. This is def my niche! And I’m so thankful for finding you! As long as you are doing online training…I’m a client! :-)”

Alex from Valrico, Florida said:

“I currently train with SJ (Jessica Massey) at Core5 Studio in Brandon, FL at minimum once a week… I couldn’t be happier with my progress!  Jess pushes me beyond my limits EVERY workout!  Each workout is designed to make the best use of our time!  Her variety in every workout becomes such a healthy addiction!  She is such a knowledgeable and compassionate trainer!  Jess only wants the best for you and the NEW you!  I admire her hard work and dedication to ALL of her clients; those in person AND those she trains online.  She’s constantly giving 110% to each and every client.  I appreciate all her hard work and dedication to making me a better me!  Thank you for making me more confident in my own skin! Love ya!”

Valerie from Riverside, California said:

“Honestly there is nothing I can say that would serve as constructive criticism, and I cannot think of anything you would need to improve. The way you communicate and encourage is amazing! The organization of WO plans and the timeliness of your responses and check-in emails is perfect. I also really like that I can find demos of each move on either the blog or IG. Your daily WO posts are encouraging and make things seem way more doable after you demonstrate them! You have a way of making me feel like I can attain the results I want. Also, working with you is more enjoyable for me than following the TIU plans. You push me hard, and I feel more satisfied after following your plan. Don’t get me wrong the TIU videos can be tough but, to me, they are more for maintenance.

I absolutely adore you! I feel that you are a real inspiration. You are a real girl, who puts in real work and eats REAL food! Every minute of work you put into the IG posts or blog posts is definitely appreciated!”

Marlene from Austria said:

“Thank you so much for these amazing workouts!! I never thought that working out could actually be that enjoyable. Before hiring you I did just repeat the same kinds of exercises but your routines are different every day so that it never gets boring. Furthermore, they really challenged me without making me feel overburdened. I can clearly see improvements – I lost weight, have more defined muscles and feel much better in my own skin – and this feeling is priceless! Your weekly check-in and the fact that you truly care about your clients kept me from skipping my workouts – I couldn’t disappoint you after all the work and passion you put in creating them.”

Livia from Tampa, Florida said:

“Working out with Jess has been an amazing journey. She pushes me to do things I never thought I could do. With her guidance and help, I’ve lost several inches all over. I recommend having Jess as your trainer because not only will you gain someone with knowledge and the drive to push you to your goals but, someone who is serious about getting you out of your comfort zone. Jess makes working out purposeful and fun. She’s available to her clients almost too much. I’m a client for life!”

Keiara from Tampa, Florida said:

“In the amount of time that I trained with Jessica she was able to help me meet my goals in such a short amount of time. Before training with Jessica I hardly ever worked out, and didn’t really know what to eat so I just didn’t try, I also had a bad habit of not drinking a lot of water (now all I drink is water!). Jessica was so helpful! She helped me to change my diet and make healthier choices. I even struggled with doing workouts on my own because I was so weak I could barely do them. Jess encouraged me and helped me to get stronger and push myself to do things I never thought I could do! I am so much stronger, confident, healthier and energized. I actually love working out now thanks to Jess! I still have a long way to go but I am in the best shape I’ve been in a long time. Not only is Jessica professional, passionate and dedicated she is also your biggest fan and believes in you when you may not believe in yourself! Even when I workout alone I hear her in my head saying “come on, you can do this!” She hears you and helps you achieve the goals that you have for yourself. I couldn’t have done it without you Jess! I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone! And trust me if I can do it, you can do it!!”