HIIT FUSION Weekly Workout Schedule

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Ahhh it’s Christmas week! I have all of my shopping (and wrapping!) DONE! I think this is the earliest that I’ve ever been done…must be a Christmas miracle (; Usually I’m the person scrambling around on Christmas Eve to finish buying gifts…oops.

SO we know this week is going to be super busy, but if you’ve done any of the HIIT FUSION workouts, you know that they don’t take very much time! Your health & fitness needs to stay at the top of your priority list…you deserve it!

If you are a member of HIIT FUSION online gym, you will have access to all of the linked workout videos in this post! If you want to join you can now and you will then have access to the workout videos…Drew & I would love to have y’all workout with us (:


If you’re part of the HIIT FUSION Crew, we would really appreciate if you could take a few before pictures (one from the front and one from the side) so that in a few weeks, you can send us some progress pictures! Seeing y’all reach your goals is what really keeps us going. We have a blast going through your check-ins on Instagram! We are thankful for every single one of you.

Okay time for the workout schedule!

You’ve seen some of these workouts before so we want you to keep a journal for your HIIT FUSION workouts. If it’s a “For Time” workout (which means you have a certain amount of rounds to complete) we want you to record how long it took you to do the workout. If it is an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible in a given time frame) then we want you to write down how many rounds you got through. This way when we do a workout that we’ve already done you can watch yourself getting stronger and faster!

Here are the workouts you’ll be doing this week:

Sunday 12.21:

Active rest day! Do something active – like take a walk or a hike. Or take a yoga class at a local studio.

Monday 12.22:

Complete HIIT FUSION WORKOUT #3 and jog 1 mile. If you can’t jog 1 mile for whatever reason, you can substitute the run with your Home Cardio workout.

Tuesday 12.23:


Wednesday 12.24:

Complete HIIT FUSION WORKOUT #7 and jog 1 mile. If you can’t jog 1 mile for whatever reason, you can substitute the run with your Home Cardio workout.

Thursday 12.25:

Rest Day.
MERRY CHRISTMAS (: Enjoy some time relaxing with your loved ones! If you’re up for a little workout challenge, Drew and I have a special partner Christmas workout for y’all that I’ll be posting on my Instagram (@glistenfit) on Christmas Day. You don’t wanna miss this one…trust me (;

Friday 12.26:

Complete the NEW workout (HIIT Fusion workout #9) that is posted for the week (: It will be posted Thursday! Jog 1 mile. If you can’t jog 1 mile for whatever reason, you can substitute the run with your Home Cardio workout.

Saturday 12.27:


*Feel free to mix and match days to make the schedule work for you! For example, if you need to take a rest day on Tuesday instead of Sunday, just swap those days (:

And here is your weekly challenge!

This week’s challenge: Do a 30 second plank before every workout.

Planks are one of my favorite exercises. They don’t require any equipment or much space and they work pretty much everything. Plus there are so many ways to switch them up.

Happy weekend!
xo, Jess

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