“Whoa…You Eat Chocolate?”

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I have a sweet tooth. Always have and probably always will. Instead of giving in to temptation and pigging out on ice cream, cookies, and candy, I try my best to make clean treats that still manage to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Some people give me a hard time about eating so healthy. But then when they see me eat something like this I hear, “Oh, you can eat chocolate?” UM actually I CAN eat whatever I want, I just choose to make healthy decisions in the kitchen.

Something like this is delicious and totally satisfies my sweet tooth. Plus, as long as I’m eating clean meals most of the time and training hard, something like this isn’t going to kill me. Moderation is key, people!

Clean Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Fruit is one of my go-tos when I have a sweet tooth. Strawberries, especially. And that chocolate you see up there = cacao chips. SO. GOOD.

I try my best not to exempt anything from my diet completely…I just find ways to make it healthier. I was craving a bowl of ice cream so I made this greek yogurt parfait and it totally hit the spot and was way more nutritious than ice cream.

Instead of drooling over something that you know isn’t healthy, why not spend time making something healthy that satisfies that craving you’re having?

xo, Jess

P.S. Sometimes I totally splurge and have the ice cream…I just don’t do it all the time (;

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  • Josie Mowatt says:

    This is definitely what I’m trying to learn to do! Still struggling and currently doing the splurging and feeling rubbish afterwards. But I’m sure I will get there soon enough! Looks delicious. Trying to find cacoa nibs here, which should be easier than it is as I’m in the Caribbean!

    Josie xx


  • Lisa says:

    Ice cream is something I seem to crave a lot, and would love to replace it with something healthier, however, I have tried greek yogurt a couple times and do not enjoy it. At all. Are there any other kinds of yogurt you would recommend for something like this?

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