Skipping Breakfast Will Make You Fat

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Okay that’s a really extreme statement – I know. But I wanted to get your attention because this topic is very important and near/dear to my heart. If you know me at all (or even if you just follow me on Insta) you know that breakfast is my jam. I wake up every single morning PUMPED to fuel my body with some whole, healthy food (and coffee….duh).

Why Breakfast is a Must

So why is breakfast a must?

    Breakfast gives our brains and bodies the fuel that it needs to get going. Skipping breakfast is going to lead to feeling sluggish and tired.
    Breakfast gets your body (and metabolism) going first thing every day. While you were sleeping your body obviously wasn’t getting fuel from food, so when you wake up (within an hour or so) you should feed your body a whole, healthy breakfast (think protein and healthy carbs). Eating breakfast is “breaking the fast” (hence the name!) from the long night. In order for your metabolism to stay in tip top shape, you need to be fueling it.
    It’s been proven that people who eat breakfast are less likely to gain weight than people who skip breakfast. This partially has to do with the fact that if you skip breakfast, you’ll likely grab sugary snacks throughout the morning to curb your hunger.

So please, please, please wake up and treat yourself to a delicious breakfast (: Even if that means waking up 20 minutes earlier, it will SO be worth it. 

xo, Jess

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