Grocery Shopping for the (mostly) Clean Eater

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I posted a picture on Instagram this weekend of an outfit and mentioned that I was going grocery shopping. I had a few people ask if I could do a grocery haul post. Well you know the drill…you ask, I make it happen (well try to anyway).

Grocery Haul

I typically go grocery shopping once a week (on Sundays) and spend between $150-200. I know that sounds like a lot, but I also get a lot. I don’t eat out at all during the week, and I eat 5 meals a day at home. I consider myself a (mostly) clean eater so here is a look at what I buy at the grocery store:

Grocery List for the Mostly Clean Eater

I do most of my shopping on the outskirts of the store…in the produce, meat, and dairy areas. That’s a big tip when you’re trying to eat clean…avoid the aisles, because that’s where you find most of the processed stuff. I do get some stuff in the aisles, obviously, like nut butter, coffee, and spices, but I don’t buy pre-packaged snacks or anything like that.

If you’re unsure about what “eating clean” really means, I have a post that you can read here.

I hope this helps inspire your grocery list a bit (: I’ll be back Friday with a new ab workout for Operation Ab-Tober!
xo, Jess

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  • Haylie says:

    Hey! I’m allergic to corn, and pretty much all the derivatives (like 85 or something). I loooove eating clean, but even some clean things I can’t have- like Quaker oats. They dust their oats in cornstarch to make sure the oats don’t stick together or something. I don’t really care about extra carbs (I’m a runner), but lots of people do. Not that I would eat Quaker oats, but do you think it makes much of a difference, like giving examples of what to eat in eating clean to other peeps? Thanks!

    • Glisten Fit says:

      I think it just depends on your lifestyle…how active you are, how sensitive your stomach is, etc 🙂 The best part about eating clean is that each person’s journey is different! xo, Jess

  • Andrea says:

    I needed this! I try my best to eat clean and run into a few hiccups every now and then. I’m gonna print this out and use it the next time I go shopping. Thanks!

  • Lindsay says:

    Loved this post! I get fresh foods like fruits and veggies weekly but my husband does a monthly trip to Costco to get things like chicken, tortilla wraps, oatmeal, etc.

    I also love the pic of your pistol squat, you GO girl!! 🙂


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