Don’t Let Food Fool You

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This weekend I was talking with a few people about what they eat. They consider themselves “healthy eaters” and I had to break it to them that some of the stuff that they consider “healthy” just doesn’t really fit the bill.

With all the food choices that we have these days, it’s really easy to get confused about what is truly good for you and what isn’t. Trust me, sometimes I have to do a little research on certain things to be straight, too. So today I give you…

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1. Pre-Made Smoothies

Can you say sugar overload? Simple sugars are usually added to pre-made smoothies, which brings the calorie count up to sometimes 1,000 calories or more…for a smoothie! I cry inside when I see people using a smoothie as a “drink” to go with their actual meal. NO. I like to make my own smoothies because I know exactly what is going in them!

2. Trail Mix

Trail mix is tricky, because it CAN be healthy. But the trail mix that you buy at the store that has candy, fried banana chips, and yogurt covered raisins can really throw off your healthy eating if you’re not careful. Instead, choose a mix that includes nuts, dried fruit (with no added sugar) and some dark chocolate.

3. Bars

Make sure that the energy/protein bars that you’re eating aren’t disguising themselves as healthy when they’re really almost like eating a candy bar. Don’t get suckered in by “high fiber and protein” promises so easily. Read the label and see what’s really in that bar. Yeah, it might have high fiber or a lot of protein, but it probably has a ton of sugar, too. Go for real, whole foods to give you the boost that you need. Think… an apple and a small handful of almonds.

4. Packaged Frozen Meals

I know these seem “easy” but they are so void of real nutrients that it’s not even worth it. Unless you want to really up your sodium intake…um, pass. Try packing some leftovers from dinner and eating that for lunch instead! Just as easy and way more beneficial for your body.

5. Cereal

Another sugar bomb waiting to blow your health goals up. The “healthy” cereals have almost as much sugar as the other cereals. Not to mention that a lot of the vitamins are lost due to how processed cereal is. I like to have eggs, oatmeal or Greek yogurt for breakfast instead.


I hate seeing people working their butts off training and then not eating foods that compliment their training just because they don’t know any better!

Make sure that what you’re eating isn’t secretly sabotaging your health & fitness journey. Try to eat real, whole, unprocessed foods (: Don’t let food fool you! 

xo, Jessica

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  • Dena says:

    These are great tips! It’s so easy to think you are eating healthy when it’s really packed with sugar or sodium. Stick to real, fresh food and you can’t go wrong.

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