Abs are made in the kitchen….wait, what?

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Happy Talk It Out Tuesday! As someone who works in the fitness industry, a question that I get asked probably more than any other question is:

“How do I get abs?”

Well first of all…you HAVE abs (; We all do. They just might be hibernating behind a layer of fat that you need to get rid of. But anyway…if you ask a health & fitness professional this question, a lot of the time you will hear the phrase, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” UM OKAY COOL…but what does that even mean? Sound familiar? Do you picture yourself cooking up some abs in the oven or mixing them up in your Kitchenaid mixer?

I get frustrated when professionals throw too much jargon at clients. I think that cliches like “abs are made in the kitchen” count as jargon if they are left unexplained. Don’t get me wrong #eatforabs makes for a catchy hashtag, but I just feel like some explaining needs to be done for those of you who don’t know what is truly being said. So today I’m here to help you learn how abs are made in the kitchen.

Abs are made in the kitchen

It means that no matter how many crunches or sit-ups that you do, if your eating habits don’t compliment your training then your abs won’t have that chiseled look that so many people are after.

So many people underestimate the importance of a good, healthy, well-rounded diet. I can tell you from experience that working out alone is NOT enough to achieve your goals. Being healthy & fit is way more than clocking in a few hours at the gym every week. When I started eating clean it was a game changer. I started leaning out and really seeing the definition of the muscles that I was working so hard at the gym for.

Did you know that your diet is responsible for about 80% of your physique? Yep. So all those crunches are worth about 20% of your physique while eating right is worth 80%. Do you see where you should be putting a lot of your effort? This is why I’m able to workout for only 30-45 minutes a day rather than spending hours at the gym. I make sure that my diet compliments my training!

Here’s the deal: In order to “see” your abs, you have to get rid of that pesky layer of fat that is covering them. Do you think you’re going to be able to do that if you’re spending time doing tons of cardio and strength training THEN eating a ton of junk? Nope. Not even if you’re doing 500 crunches a week (that’ll make your abs really strong but they’re still hanging out under that layer of fat).

Obviously it’s imperative for you to maintain a strong and consistent workout schedule that includes both cardio and strength training in order to see your abs, but please remember that FOOD IS FUEL. Make sure the food that you’re putting in your body is going to help you rather than hurt you.

So here are some tips to help you make your abs in the kitchen:

  • Drink more water. Water just really helps keep things flowing nicely within your body.
  • Commit to mostly clean eating habits. You can read about clean eating here.
  • Add more lean protein to your diet. Protein keeps you full longer and lean protein helps your body maintain lean muscle mass.
  • Make sure that you’re kicking butt during your workouts and being productive with your time in the gym. I work my abs out specifically 2 days per week and do some HIIT 4-5 days per week.

Now you can go around telling people that abs are made in the kitchen and actually KNOW what you’re saying! See you on Friday for a #FlauntItFebruary workout…don’t forget to check the calendar for the daily challenges!

xo, Jessica

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