New Members

Welcome to Glisten Online Gym! I am so excited to officially be your trainer (:


Here is a quick rundown of what you can expect:

  • Memberships are subscription based so you don’t have to renew every month – your membership will automatically renew each month until you cancel it.
  • Your membership includes:
    • 1 new workout video per week: 15-30 minute full body workouts that use minimal equipment
    • Weekly workout schedule that links to 5 Glisten Online Gym archived workouts (so you have 5 scheduled workouts a week + 2 rest days)
    • Access to all archived Glisten Online Gym workout videos and schedules
    • Access to the Glisten Online Gym Facebook group
  • These workouts are designed to help you lose fat, build strength and endurance, and boost your metabolism

How do I access the weekly workouts and schedules?

You will have to login using the username and password that you created when you signed up for your membership. This ensures that only members can view the Glisten Online Gym posts.

Where can you find the weekly workouts and schedules?

The new workout and new schedule will be posted as blog posts on the Glisten Fit blog every week. Or just go to and on the navigation bar at the top of the page under “GLISTEN ONLINE GYM” you can choose to click “Workouts” or “Weekly Schedules.” The newest post will always be at the top of each page. It is here that you will also be able to look through the archived workouts and schedules. I’ll also be posting the links in the Facebook page each week.

Still need help? Feel free to shoot me an email: jessica [at] glistenfit [dot] com