Glisten Online Gym

Cost: $10.00 per month
Best for: Clients who like to do quick, effective workouts from home. This option includes workout videos to follow along with. I would suggest this option for people who are in good general health.

Glisten Online Gym requires you to have a monthly membership. With this membership you have access to all of the Glisten Online Gym posts. These posts include:

  • 1 new workout video posted weekly: 15-30 minute full body workouts that use minimal equipment and can be done from home
  • Weekly workout schedule that links to 5 days worth of archived workouts (so you have 5 scheduled workouts a week + 2 rest days)
  • Exclusive membership gives you access to all archived Glisten Online Gym workout videos and schedules
  • These workouts are designed to burn fat, build your strength/endurance, and boost your metabolism

For more info about Glisten Online Gym click here. If you are ready to join click here