What Happened When I Stopped Stressing About My Rest Days

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Rest days. Some people love them and some people hate them. I used to get SO stressed out over rest days. Guilt would consume me for skipping a workout one or two days a week. It was a toxic attitude that I couldn’t seem to beat.

No Stress Rest Days


Thankfully, I’ve put energy into shifting my mentality and now I actually appreciate rest days!

So what exactly happened when I stopped stressing about rest days?

  • I feel better mentally.

    I know that my body NEEDS rest. I put it through intense workouts 5-6 days per week so the least I can do is give it one day off to catch up. Since I finally figured out that it was something that my body needed then I was able to let go of the “oh my gosh I’m not working out today” mentality and instead enjoy the day off. My mind is free to wander places other than guilt and it’s just so nice.

  • I am able to enjoy time with my friends and family.

    In the past I would spend my rest days trying to somehow still fit a workout in. I would make excuses as to why I had to do just a quick workout and I would even opt to stay home rather go out with friends/family just in case I wanted to workout. Now on my rest days I wake up and GO DO SOMETHING (hi, active rest days) then come home and don’t feel bad about not working out. Like on Sunday, we went scalloping – it was a blast! I was moving around, but still not overexerting my body – it was the perfect active rest day!

  • My body is able to recoup.

    I didn’t understand that my muscles needed a break in order to repair themselves. If you want your body to transform, you’ve got to let it rest!

  • I come back the next day feeling refreshed and ready to crush new workouts.

    After a rest day I am rested mentally AND physically which means that when it is time for my next workout, I’m even more pumped to get to work!

Rest day doesn’t have to mean sitting on the couch, anxiously biting your fingernails, feeling stressed out about not working out for a day. You are not going to lose all of your progress in 24 hours, people. Enjoy your rest day(s) (I know your body sure does!)…fill them with fun activities and quality time with people you love. Then go kill a workout the next day!

xo, Jess

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  • Meg says:

    (whatever I told you was wrong with the commenting isn’t wrong anymore…haha)

    You always have such a great prospective on balance.
    kiss kiss

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