Glisten Online Gym Workout #10 – FREE WORKOUT VIDEO!

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Hey y’all!

I figured it’s about time that I give everyone a taste of Glisten Online Gym (: Every Thursday I post the new workout for the week – this week’s workout is a leg focused HIIT workout…my favorite! Normally, only Glisten Online Gym members have access to the videos, but this week I wanted to give everyone a chance to see what GoG has to offer! The rest of this post is what a typical GoG post looks like.


Don’t forget to track this workout in your Glisten Online Gym Journal! It’s a for time workout, so write down:

  • The workout number
  • How long it took you to complete 3 sets of each superset
  • What weights you used

This way you can see how much you’ve progressed next time this workout pops up on the schedule (: I LOVE seeing pictures of you + your journals on insta! Don’t forget to tag me (@glistenfit) so I can see!



  • Remember to warm-up for about 5 minutes before you start your workout. I suggest a 3-4 minute brisk walk followed by some dynamic (moving) stretching.
  • Always consult your doctor before beginning a new workout regime.
  • Go at your own pace – if you have to pause the video, feel free to do so! If you don’t go at my pace, that’s okay!
  • At the end of your workout, cool down for about 5 minutes. I suggest a 2-3 minute slow walk followed by some static (still) stretching.
  • If you need some help figuring out what to do for a warm-up/cool-down, check out this post. There are 2 videos – one to do before you workout and one to do after.

Equipment You’ll Need:

  • Mat
  • Dumbbells (or barbell if you want to advance these moves)
  • Elevated platform

Type of Workout:

For time – We are going to complete 3 sets of each superset as quickly as possible, while keeping good form.

Workout Breakdown:

Superset #1: x3

15 sumo squats
20 plyo sumo squats

Superset #2: x3

15 deficit deadlifts
20 ski jumps

Superset #3: x3

10/10 split squats
15/15 split squats

Superset #4: x3

10 squat, lunge, curtsy
15/15 single leg plyo lateral step-ups

*All of the exercises are demonstrated and explained at the beginning of the workout video.

Workout Video:

If you like this workout, you can join Glisten Online Gym for only $10 a month by clicking here!

Happy sweating! Don’t forget to post a sweaty pic using #GlistenOG (:

xo, Jess

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