5 Daily Habits of a Fit Girl

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Hey y’all! Sorry that I wasn’t here on Monday…I was playing catch up from being gone all weekend. BUT it was totally worth it because Meg’s wedding was fabulous! Just look at how stunning she was!


I do have a fun post lined up for today though (: I’ve put together a list of 5 Daily Habits of a Fit Girl! These are 5 tips that you can easily incorporate into your daily life that will help transform your lifestyle. Y’all ready?!

5 Daily Habits of a Fit Girl

Habit #1: Drink all of the water.

This one is SO easy and you really have no excuse to not do it. I shoot to drink between 100-120 ounces of water each day. My little trick is to try to drink one ounce per pound that you weigh. So buy yourself a cute water bottle and CHUG that H2O, girl.

Habit #2: Eat your veggies.

Incorporate at least one veggie in every meal that you eat. Again – simple, no excuses!

Habit #3: Get your beauty sleep.

You cannot skimp out on sleep. Your body needs the rest! Shoot for 7-8 hours per night.

Habit #4: Pack snacks.

My husband never lets me leave the house without packing snacks. He knows that I get all kinds of HANGRY if I don’t eat every few hours. I always make sure to keep a healthy snack in my purse (think nuts, protein bars, a banana, etc) so that I don’t get tempted to stop by a fast food place to satisfy my hangri-ness.

Habit #5: Move.

Even if you don’t have time to get in a full workout, make an effort to move your body. My favorite way to get in a little extra every day is to park far away from stores (unless it’s nighttime…then don’t do that!) and walk from the back of the parking lot. Or maybe every time you go to the bathroom do 15 squats. Just add in some extra movement throughout your day to keep your heart pumping!

Try incorporating these 5 habits into your daily routines and you will feel so much better!

xo, Jess

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