10 Things to Know Before Dating a Fit Girl

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Let’s be honest – fit girls are their own breed. There are a few things that you should know before dating one, don’t you agree?

10 Things to Know Before Dating a Fit Girl

1. Expect your social life to be planned around her training schedule.

She’s not going to skip the gym to go hang out with your buddies and she has no shame in coming home early to get some rest for tomorrow’s training session. She’s also going to want to choose the restaurant when you go out to eat.

2. Hangry is a real thing. Beware.

Make sure to pack snacks if you plan on leaving the house for more than 2 hours. Trust me.

3. Putting on jeans is a joke.

She is going to be jumping around like a jackrabbit trying to fit jeans over her quads/glutes so don’t be surprised if she just keeps it easy and wears workout clothes everywhere.

4. Don’t expect to share food.

She eats. A lot. Because her muscles need it. I would suggest NOT commenting about how much she eats. Again…trust me.

5. She’s not staying in shape for you.

She does it for herself.

6. Her tennis shoe collection is a little bit out of control.

She gets use out of them so don’t give her a hard time about it.

7. If she only has 1-2 treat meals a week, respect that.

Don’t tempt her with pizza and ice cream every night of the week. Support her healthy eating habits. And hey…why not join her?

8. Don’t ever talk about being stronger than her.

This might be true, but that doesn’t negate the fact that she is strong, too.

9. She’s not gonna come home and have a beer with you every night.

Most likely, she doesn’t drink very often. And when she does it’s probably red wine or a vodka soda. Alcohol doesn’t really mix well with her goals so you’re gonna have to get over it.

10. Buying her a new workout outfit is NEVER a bad idea.

Not sure what to get her for her birthday, Christmas, or anniversary? A cute new workout outfit usually does the trick (;


I’m so glad that my husband understands how to handle a fit girl. He is 100% supportive and I love him dearly. (Sorry for all those times I let my hangry come out, babe…)

xo, Jess


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  • hellojessica09 says:

    AHAH > Hangry is a real thing. It is the truest of real things! When we went paleo for a month to correct my husband’s stomach issues I could not support it for too long because this girl was hangry… a lot! It may be my favorite healthy word 😛

  • Ashley says:

    This was too cute! Now if only I was a real Fit Girl! LOL Or if I could get my husband to come on that journey with me…

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