Wedding Ready Ab Workout

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Happy Fit Friday, lovelies (: Thank y’all SO much for your sweet words about our wedding pictures! I’ve been posting them here and on Instagram! Continuing with the wedding theme, today’s workout is all about the abs:


Abs are one thing that you might not be able to SEE as much in your wedding dress, but hello…how about that honeymoon (; Plus everyone feels better with tighter, stronger midsection. If you’ve been reading Glisten for awhile, you’ll know that I’m a believer that abs are made in the kitchen, but there are certainly benefits to working your abs and making them stronger! Today’s workout focuses on just that. Now who’s ready for a strong core?!

Equipment You’ll Need:

  • Exercise Mat
  • Timer
  • Medicine Ball (10 pounds) or 1 (10 pound) dumbbell

Workout Printable/Breakdown:

Wedding Ready Ab Workout Printable

Complete the following 3 times through:

30 second unstable plank: Tight core, tight glutes. Make sure that your wrists are aligned with your shoulders. If having your feet on the ball is too difficult, you can put your forearms on the ball instead. If you don’t have a ball, use a chair!

Hip Kissers (Alternating Sides) x20: Start in a forearm plank position. Twist your body to one side, letting your hip touch the floor. Then twist back into plank and twist to the other side. Each time your hip hits the floor counts as 1 rep.

30 second unstable plank

Leg Drop Toe Touches x20: Start laying flat on your back. Keep your lower back pressed into the mat and SLOWLY raise your legs until your body forms a 90* angle. Then lift your shoulders up off the mat to touch your toes. Lay your shoulders back down and SLOWLY lower your legs back down, but don’t let them touch the ground. Each time you touch your toes counts as 1 rep.

30 second unstable plank

Med Ball Sit Up Chops (Alternating Sides) x20: Start in an upright sit up position, holding the med ball at your chest. Slowly lower down as if you are going to do a sit up. As you lower down, extend your arms (with the med ball) behind you. As you sit up, twist your upper body to one side, touching the ball to the side of your feet. Then repeat twisting the other way.

30 second unstable plank

Star Crunches x20: Start sitting upright and holding your legs into your chest, off the floor. Slowly lean back and extend your arms and legs out, but don’t drop them to the floor. Come back up to starting position.

30 second unstable plank


And that’s it! I hope y’all like this workout…I was definitely feeling it the next day! Happy weekend…I’m off to the beach for some much needed relaxation (:

xo, Jess

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