New Workout: Flaunt Your Abs!

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Hi lovelies! HAPPY FIT FRIDAY (: I’m really excited for the #FlauntItFebruary workouts…I’ve chosen a muscle group to focus on each week rather than giving you a full body HIIT workout like I did in January. This week I want you to Flaunt Your Abs!

Equipment that you’ll need:

  • Timer
  • A dumbbell (or any kind of weight that is 5-15 pounds)

Here is a breakdown of your workout:

Flaunt Your Abs
And here is a video that gives you a demo on how to do the moves:

Add this ab circuit to one of your workouts and I promise you will feel the burn the next day (or maybe even later that day…ahem heel touches and plank dips…)

Let me fill you in on some things that happened here this week in case you missed anything:

Monday I talked about being the best you. I reminded you that you are strong and that you are beautiful!
Tuesday I talked about how often you should be working out.
AND BONUS: My virtual boot camps started this week! To have a weekly workout delivered to your inbox, click here.

And as always, I’m linking up with Lauren to share 5 highlights from my week:

1. Adam & I have got most of our stuff in the new house (it’s basically all still in boxes but hey, one step at a time…). I put my desk together and am planning on decorating my office this weekend! I can’t wait to share the final result with y’all!


2. I started posting a few short workout videos on Instagram this week and have gotten some really great feedback. I did one clip on core exercises, one on bodyweight cardio moves, and one on my favorite moves to help your muffin top area. If you have any requests let me know (: All of the workout videos are labeled with #glistenfitvid

3. I RARELY take online quizzes. But this one caught my eye, because I am obsessed with using emojis. The result was pretty spot on so I got a kick out of that.


4. Florida decided to live up to its nickname and we got some good sunshine! I spent about an hour by my brother’s pool after helping him settle into his new place. I’m thinking we should make this brother/sister sunshine boding a normal thing…


5. I’ve been trying out some new green smoothie recipes this week. Most of them (2/3) have been delicious, so be on the lookout for the recipes soon!



That’s all I have for y’all today…happy weekend! Make sure to try the new Flaunt Your Abs routine and send me a sweaty pic after (: Use the hashtags (#glistenfit & #FlauntItFebruary) so I can find you and check in with you!

xo, Jessica


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  • Nichole Queen says:

    What advice can you give for the side plank dip crunches? the main problem i’m having is the weight that is on my arm or wrist when trying them. is this just something I will need to strengthen or could it be i am doing them completely wrong?? haha thank you in advance!


    • Glisten Fit says:

      Hey Nichole! Thanks for reading (: For the side plank dip crunches…the modification would be just to hold the side plank on your forearm. A lot of girls have that issue, just because they need to build up the strength. I would say to hold the side plank on each side for 30 seconds! Then build up to a minute. When you feel ready, move from your forearm to your hand. You got this, girl!


  • Kelly says:

    I really like this segment of excercises. I was wondering if you ever considered doing an entire circuit with 12 reps of each excercise on a video. I can do so much better if I can watch someone the entire time when doing workouts like these. I really hope you might consider this.

    • Glisten Fit says:

      Thank you so much for your sweet words, girl (: Means so much to me! I have considered it…I actually took a poll when I first started this website and the majority of the readers wanted the videos to be short and just have me demonstrate the exercises so that they can do the routines on their own time without their computers. In the future, I’ll be doing a variety though! Thanks again for your support!

  • Nicole S. says:

    I came across your original blog and have followed you over to Glisten Fit – really like your way of teaching and the material you offer; tell all my friends about you!

    • Glisten Fit says:

      Thank you so much, Nicole 🙂 This means so much to me! I was a little scared to make the leap from Lovely Little Things to Glisten Fit but health & fitness are my passions so I’m glad I did it! You’re awesome…thanks again!
      xo, Jess

  • Aimee says:

    So, I just found this workout, and I did it yesterday! Holy cow, my abs are still screaming! Along with some back muscles I didn’t know I had! Love it!

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