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Happy FIT FRIDAY babes (: Can I just point out that I’m going to be getting married one week from today?! OMG! I actually wrote my vows yesterday…so I feel 10 times better about the big day getting closer now that those are done. I was showering yesterday and all the sudden I just started saying my vows…the best ideas really do come in the shower, ha! I jumped out and scribbled them down before they could escape my mind!

Anyway, moving on. Today’s workout is a full body strengthening workout and I’m telling you, it will leave you sore the next day. I woke up this morning with my abs on fire. In a good way of course (; I like doing home workouts that don’t use a ton of equipment. Mostly because I’m too lazy to lug the equipment around the house. So today I give y’all:


Equipment You’ll Need:

  • 2 paper (or Styrofoam) plates
  • hardwood floor that is able to be slid on

Workout Breakdown:

POWER PLATE WORKOUTThis is a challenging workout, because you have to focus on the movements being slow and controlled so that the plates stay under your feet. You could also use two hand towels, too. Whatever you have…make it work!

The Moves:

Leg Slider Combo (20 on each side): Start in a low squat position with a plate under each foot. You’re going to stay in the squat the entire time…keep it low! Back is straight, chest is up and knees are never past our toes. From there you are going to slowly kick one leg out to the side, bring it back in, then kick it out in front and bring it back in…that is 2 reps. So you’ll be doing 10 to the side and 10 to the front on each leg.

Plank Tuck (20): Start in a plank position with a plate under each foot. Your body is in a straight line, hips are not dropped, back is straight. Shoulders are in line with your wrists. From there you are slowly tucking your knees into your chest and then back out into the plank. That is 1 rep.

Spider Woman (20): These are just like normal spider-man mountain climbers (except obviously I called them spider woman) but with plate under your feet. You’re going to start in the plank position with a plate under each foot. From there you bring your foot to the same side elbow, but it’s out to the side. Alternate legs every rep.

Sliding Tricep Push-Up (20): Start in a tricep push-up position from your knees with a plate under each hand. You can do it from your toes if you want but it’s really challenging. Back is flat, your body is in a diagonal line. Lower down slowly, like you are going to do a push-up, sliding one arm straight out in front of you. The other elbow stays glued to your body, just like when you do a tricep push-up. As you come up, bring that arm back in. Alternate arms every rep.

Heel Curl Crunch (20): Start laying flat on your back with a plate under each heel. As you sit up, drag your legs up as well. You will feel this in the back of your thighs (aka the hamstrings) as well as your abs. Lower back down as you straighten your legs back out.

Pull-In Cobra (20): Start laying face down with a plate under each hand. Your hips and legs stay on the floor the entire time. Slowly pull in both arms until you are in the cobra position. Hold there for a few seconds and then lower back down.

I hope y’all like this workout! I doubt I’ll be posting a FIT FRIDAY workout post next week since I’ll be getting married and all (; Happy sweating!

xo, Jess


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