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IT’S HERE! I can’t believe that LAUNCH DAY IS HERE! I have put my heart, sweat, and tears into HIIT Fusion Online Gym and I hope y’all love it (: We still have a long way to go, but this is only the beginning! There are 4 workouts posted in the archives and one new workout video post is up today! We’ve already received a ton of feedback on our videos and have made some changes that you guys will see in the upcoming videos. We’ve added a timer, scheduled water breaks, and more on screen talking. Eeeek!

Here is a quick rundown of what you can expect:

  • Memberships are subscription based so you don’t have to renew every month – your membership will automatically renew periodically (depending which package you purchase).
  • Memberships are $13.00 a month. There are other packages to choose from (quarterly, twice-yearly, yearly).
  • Memberships include:
    • 1 new workout video posted weekly: 15-30 minute full body workouts that use minimal equipment
    • Weekly workout schedule that links to 5 HIIT Fusion archived workouts (so you have 5 scheduled workouts a week)
    • Access to all archived HIIT Fusion workout videos and schedules
  • These workouts are created by Drew & I to help you lose fat, build strength and endurance, and boost your metabolism

Train With Us

What does HIIT Fusion mean?

HIIT = high intensity interval training (see above for what these type of workouts can do for you). And Fusion = we are bringing his and her fitness together. Both Drew and I are in every workout video. Drew does the advanced versions of exercises, while I do a more modified version. Our goal is for husbands & wives, boyfriends & girlfriends, or guy & girl friends to be able to do the same workout together, but both be challenged.

You can read all about HIIT Fusion here.
You can read the FAQ here.
You can read the New Members page here.
You can click HERE to join!


Oh and because we love y’all SO much and are incredibly grateful for all of your encouragement and support…we figured the least we can do is share our first blooper reel. Just promise not to laugh at us too hard (;

Thank you guys. Every single one of you. We couldn’t be doing ANY of this without y’all. The more friends you share HIIT Fusion Online Gym (#HIITFusionOG) with on social media, the better our videos will get! Now what are you waiting for?! LET’S WORKOUT!

xo, Jess 

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