Full Body Boot Camp Blast (30 minute HIIT to burn fat)

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HAPPY FIT FRIDAY, BABES! Friday is one of my favorite days, because I get to share a new workout with y’all and because well it’s FRIDAY, duh! Today’s workout is a full body BOOT CAMP BLAST! It’s another HIIT style workout that you can complete in about 30 minutes. If you want to read up on HIIT workouts, you can find my post about their benefits here. I also like full body workouts, because since you’re using more muscles, you’re burning more calories…WIN!

Really quick – thank you for all of the encouraging feedback that you’ve been giving me! It really pushes me to keep going. I love reading your blog comments, emails, tweets, Facebook comments, and Insta comments. I smile SO big for every single one! On to the workout…

Equipment you’ll need for this workout:

  • Timer
  • Medicine Ball (optional)
  • Dumbbells

Here is the workout printable that gives you a breakdown of the routine:

Boot Camp Blast Full Body HIIT Workout Printable
And here is a video explaining how to do all of the exercises:

So basically:

You’re going to set your timer for 6 minutes and do as many rounds as possible of set 1. Then you’re going to take a 30-60 second water break (take longer breaks if you need to, but remember to push yourself) and then do as many rounds as possible of set 2 as you can in 6 minutes. Then take a short break and so on. If you need to take breaks during a set, that’s fine. You know your limits. All I ask is that you push yourself and really give 100% to the workout. It’s only 30 minutes! If you do need to take a break, I recommend marching in place to keep your heart rate up! Also remember to warm-up and cool down (: And of course, consult your doctor before beginning a new workout regime.

If you missed anything this week:

Monday was my special birthday giveaway!
Tuesday’s Talk It Out post highlighted why women should be lifting heavier weights.
I also shared my new intro video with y’all on Tuesday (:

As usual, I’m linking up with Lauren to share my top 5 highlights from the week (: You guys know how I love to reflect on the little things that happened throughout the week! My High Five for Friday:

1. I had such a great day celebrating my birthday on Monday! I felt so loved the whole day…part of that is thanks to y’all, so thank you (: Adam took me on a picnic in the afternoon. The weather was gorgeous and I really enjoyed just getting out of the “real world” for an hour and spending some quality time with him. For lunch we had subs, wine, and chocolate covered strawberries! YUM!


2. I took my monthly fitness assessment at my gym this month and in 4 weeks I lost 3 pounds of fat, gained .4 pound of muscle, and lost 2% body fat…YES! I’m getting closer to my goals. If you want it, you gotta work for it, ladies! Get after it.

3. I started my boot camp classes this week…ah! Y’all I absolutely LOVE leading the classes and after the wedding I’m gonna start doing 3 classes a week. It’s so rewarding to actually LOVE my job. I’m still working part time for my family business, but Glisten is my main focus. If you’re a Tampa local, feel free to check it out and join us. I have a lot of fun with all the girls!


4. Adam’s wedding band arrived in the mail this week…83 days until we say, “I DO!” I couldn’t be more excited.

5. I’m going to get my wedding dress fitted tomorrow…eeek! I think that once I see the dress actually fit me that it’s going to truly hit me that I’m going to be a BRIDE soon. Say whaaat?!

Happy weekend, lovelies (: I’ll be back Monday with an Mmm Monday post. Keep up with my weekend happenings on Instagram!

xo, Jessica

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  • I just adore you! I am going to attempt to add a few of your exercises into my rotation! I know I have a long ways to go before I can do some of them, but I am excited! You are such an inspiration, I am so proud of you for chasing your dreams! Thanks for letting me be a part of the journey! Lots of love from Maryland today!

  • Czarina Mae says:

    Hi Jessica! I just want to tell you that I’m so glad you started Glisten Fit! I love coming to check your blog every single day and I specially love Fit Fridays because I know you have a different set of workouts for us! I’ve recently started working out (after 18 years, I don’t know why I waited so long!) and thanks to you I’m not so clueless where to start!

    Thank you so much for providing really helpful information for us regarding health and fitness. Keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

    • Glisten Fit says:

      This comment made my morning…such a sweet thing to wake up to! Thank you SO much (: Fit Fridays are definitely my favorite, too! I’m so glad that you’re able to use the workouts to guide you. Your encouragement means so much! Happy weekend!


  • Andy says:

    I juts discovered this blog and I am really happy for that. It seems so helpful , motivational and informative! You manage to present health and fitness in a fun and amusing way. It is a rare and effective approach. You are doing a great job, Keep it up!!!

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