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Hey y’all! HAPPY FIT FRIDAY! (:


FIRST OF ALL! MY BOOK IS DONE! AHHH! WHAT! It’s ready for YOU. I’ll do a whole post on it soon! Ah! To grab your copy go here!

We’re switching things up a little bit here.

Instead of posting a workout, I’m posting TWO stretch videos. Drew & I have been getting so many emails asking us to make stretch videos for our HIIT FUSION online gym, so we figured that since it’s Friday and since we love y’all so much that we would make these videos available to everyone FO FREE!



The first one is a dynamic stretch, which we want you to use as a warm-up BEFORE your workouts.

And this one is a static stretch that we want you to do AFTER your workouts.

Not really sure what the difference is?

Dynamic stretching requires movement. Static stretching is still stretching (so holding a certain stretch for a length of time). We like to do dynamic before a workout and static after a workout.

If you watch the videos, you’ll get a better sense of what each one is.

Anyway, happy stretching and HAPPY FRIDAY!
xo, Jess

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