Extreme Home HIIT Workout (18 Minutes / No Equipment)

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HAPPY (fit) FRIDAY (: This week has been one of the best in a long time! There has been so much excitement with my e-book release and I just can’t believe how much encouragement and support that I have!

I got home from filming new workouts for the online gym and found this in the mail:


How gorgeous are these prints?! A girl I went to high school with has an Etsy shop where she does custom cursive prints! I saw her post one on Instagram and I asked if she would make me one for Glisten – instead she sent me like 7 PLUS a camo koozie that says “Glisten Fit” on one side and “Be Fierce. Be Fabulous. Be Fit.” on the other. I cried when I opened the package on Wednesday. Thanks, Jess! You NEED to check out her Etsy shop and order a custom print…I can’t wait to hang mine in my office (:

AND then to top it off, later Wednesday evening Adam told me to get ready to go. He wouldn’t tell me where and he blindfolded me for the car ride. Before I knew it I was walking into a house that was blasting Luke Bryan (I’m semi-obsessed) and was full of my favorite people yelling “CONGRATS!” while throwing confetti at me.

2 of my besties put together an e-book launch party for me…are you kidding?! You guys, I cried like a baby. I was SO surprised and just thinking back about it gives me goosebumps. The amount of love and support that I have is insane. I am so thankful!

There were healthy snacks, delicious drinks, a Glisten Fit banner, and quotes from my Instagram/e-book scattered all over the walls. THANK YOU CRISSY AND DANIELLE (: (and Susie & Tiara for help setting up!)

I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying it – surrounding yourself with an unstoppable support team will help take you SO FAR. I love these people so much.

Okay, if you made it this far HI! Here is your FIT FRIDAY workout:

Equipment You’ll Need:

  • NONE (okay  you need a timer, but that doesn’t count)

Workout Breakdown:


Extreme Home HIITAnd in case you’re not sure what some of these moves are, here you go:

Extreme Home HIIT Workout

This workout will only take you about 18 minutes and it will have your heart pumping! No equipment = no excuses so get to sweating, babes!

I’m off to pack and get ready for a beach weekend with my husband and some of our friends! Make sure you’re following along on Insta so you can stay up to date!

xo, Jess




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