Burn Out: 5- Minute Legs & Booty Workout

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HAPPY (FIT) FRIDAY y’all (: This week was a good one…I’m just so thankful that I get to do to what I love every single day. I want to take a second to thank y’all for all of the sweet emails, comments, and messages that you send me…you are the reason that I do what I do!

Oh and some exciting news: I sent my e-book off to the designer to be put together (: AH! I’m so excited for y’all to get this little piece of my heart into your hands! It’s going to have a 28-day workout plan as well as a 7-day meal guide! I saw a peek of the design last night and I sat on my couch and CRIED. It’s so beautiful. And I just can’t believe that it’s all coming together! Ah!

Okay on to what I have for you today – the first BURN OUT workout in the Fabulous February series. We’re focusing on legs & booty. So the goal – after you complete a FULL legs/booty workout (so like this one or this one) you tack this 5-minute video on to the end of your workout to really burn out those muscles.

5 Minute Booty Burn Out
Before we workout, can we talk about that outfit for a second? I am OBSESSED. I got a crazy amount of compliments on those pants and 2 amazing things: they dry insanely fast (your girl sweats a ton) AND they’re not see through. Those are like the 2 biggest things that I look for in pants, so Lululemon…good job! The sports bra is also Lululemon and can I tell you a secret? I may or may not have worn it 3 days in a row…it goes with everything and adds some sass to the back of an outfit. Plus it holds the girls in place, too. You guys…I think I’ve been converted…I am officially a Lululemon lover.

Here’s the front of the bra:

Lululemon Outffit

Okay…let’s workout!

Equipment You’ll Need:

  • Mat
  • Timer (or you can just follow along with the video)

Workout Breakdown:

Booty Burn Out
Workout Video:

Okay obviously I am terrible at using an actual camera (I’m so dependent on my iPhone…fail) so the intro (after the music) is super out of focus….ha! The actual workout is clearer though! I’ll get better, I promise!

As you can see, I did this workout right along with you and let me tell you – my lower body was on FIRE. So I guess the “burn out” phrase was a good one to use (; 

Happy burning, babes!

xo, Jess

P.S. Lululemon sent me this outfit (um they’re amazing) but all opinions are my own.




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  • Lindsay says:

    Love the tights and that sports, I have that exact one in black too and isn’t it the comfiest on the planet?? SO comfy you could wear it for DAYS! And the back is so pretty.
    Love the entire outfit, hun!

    Gosh I love your butterflies on your back <3


  • Jennifer says:

    I just completed this after doing the Tight & Toned Booty workout like you suggested, and I’m going to feel it tomorrow! These two workouts really made me sweat!!! Thanks for the awesome workout Jessica 🙂


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