Build A Booty Workout

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If your first thought when you read the title was, “Oh Build A Booty…kinda like Build A Bear…” then I love you. Okay moving on (; (P.S. I really wish emojis could be used in blog posts – CMON WORD PRESS.)

My client base is women. And you know what 9 out of 10 of those women want? A nicer butt. Whether to them that means rounder, bigger, higher…the booty is a target area for most ladies. Coincidentally, my booty gets me a lot of attention from my clients. “I want a butt like yours!” is something that I hear on the regular. So I figured why not share one of my GO TO (seriously) booty workouts with all of you?

Booty Workout

Equipment You’ll Need:

  • Weights: Either dumbbells or a barbell & plates (heavy ones…the heavy weight is what builds your booty….don’t even think about grabbing 5 pound dumbbells for this! Unless you’re a total beginner.)
  • A box/chair to step onto (I suggest between 12-20 inches high)
  • Kettlebell (25-35 pounds)

Workout Breakdown:

Build A Booty

Don’t think that you need to use the same amount of weight for every exercise. My squats and deadlifts are much heavier than my lunges and step-ups. Just make sure that you’re challenging yourself for every move/every round (:

Happy booty building, babes!

xo, Jess

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