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HAPPY FIT FRIDAY! I hope y’all have loved the BOOTY BUILDING series! Today is the last workout in the month long series. If you’ve completed all 4 of the workouts I know you have a beach ready bum (; This last workout looks easy but don’t be fooled! This routine will have that booty on fire!

Booty Building Series


Equipment You’ll Need:

  • Timer
  • Ankle Weights (I used 5 pound weights. The workout can be done without these, but they make it so much more of a challenge.)

Workout Printable & Breakdown:

BOOTY BUILDING Series Workout #4


Complete 4 rounds of the following:

1 minute broad jumps: Start in a half squat and jump forward, landing in a deep squat. Come back up into a half squat and repeat. I move forward with every jump but you can just stay in one spot and jump back and forth if you are limited on space.

20 leg abductions per side: Stand tall with your core tight and feet together. Slowly kick one leg out to the side, while keeping your hips square. Bring your leg back down to the starting position.

1 minute reverse lunge hops per side: Start in a reverse lunge. Jump up, bringing back leg up toward your chest.

20 fire hydrants per side: Start in a tabletop postion. Make sure your back is straight. Bring one knee out to the side and then back down.

20 donkey kicks per side: Start in a tabletop position with one leg up as shown in picture. Now kick that leg up, keeping your foot flexed. Just like you are kicking the ceiling.

1 minute traveling in/out jumps: Start in a squat with your legs together. As you jump forward, spread your leg and land in a squat again. Continue jumping forward, alternating between legs together and legs apart.

20 glute lifts per side: Start in a tabletop position with one leg straight behind you. Kick that leg up toward the ceiling and then bring it back down to the ground. Keep your toes pointed.

20 cross glute lifts per side: Start in a tabletop position with one leg straight behind you and out to the opposite side. Kick the leg up and over.

What are you waiting for?! Get to booty building! Happy weekend!
xo, Jess


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