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Happy FIT FRIDAY! Can you believe it’s already the 3rd week of the BOOTY BUILDING series? I hope y’all are enjoying the workouts so far…I’ve been getting some great feedback (: I’m already busy planning what’s ahead for July, too!

I’ve had some people tell me that they have been including my booty building workouts in their workout regimes and can already see a difference. Make sure to give this workout a try and share it with your friends! Cute bums for everyone!

Booty Building Series


BOOTY BUILDING SERIES workout #3Equipment You’ll Need:

  • Medicine Ball (I used 10 pounds)
  • Stability Ball
  • Elevated Platform
  • Ankle Weights (I used 5 pounds)
  • Jump Rope
  • Chair
  • BOSU Ball or Small Step Stool

*This workout can be done without any of this equipment. The added weight and height just helps really target that booty even more!

Workout Printable & Breakdown:



Complete 4 rounds of the following:

20 Walking Lunges: Instead of doing lunges in place, you are walking forward while doing them, while holding a weight overhead. Keep your chest up, back straight and make sure your knees stay in line with your ankles and don’t go past your toes. Alternate legs with every step! I used a 10 pound medicine ball as my weight that I held above my head the entire time during this move.

20 Hamstring Curls: Lay on your back with the stability ball under your feet (your heels should be digging into the ball). Slowly pull the ball toward your body, while crunching your knees up. You will feel this in the back of your thighs. If you don’t have a ball, lay on your stomach and lift your legs up off the floor. Bend your knees in toward your butt and that is one rep.

20 180 * Squat Jumps: Start with one foot on the platform, down in a squat position. Jump and spin, to where your other foot lands on the platform and you are facing the other direction. Make sure you land in the squat. You can do this without a platform if you need to.

20 Step-Up with a Kickback (per leg): I do this move with ankle weights on for an added challenge. Stand facing a chair. Step up with one leg and kick your opposite foot back, with your toe pointed. Step completely down from the chair.

50 Jump Rope: I do this move with ankle weights on for an added challenge.

20 Elevated Reverse Lunges with Overhead Press: Stand with one foot on the BOSU or small step stool and the other leg that’s behind you in a lunge position. Step up, putting your weight on the foot that is on the BOSU or stool and lift the other leg up, while raising the medicine ball (or dumbbells) over your head. It is one fluid motion.

Happy sweating and happy weekend (:

xo, Jess


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