Booty Blaster Workout

Posted on September 12, 2014 at 10:31 am by

HAPPY FIT FRIDAY! I hope you had a fabulous week filled with killer workouts…I know I did! I worked hard all week, so today I’m gonna be doing some light cardio. Right after I get a mani/pedi that is (; I love Fridays.

Anyway, today I have a BOOTY BLASTER workout for you. It’s a mixture of cardio and booty sculpting moves that will have you sweating. Working legs/booty is by far my favorite. I love not being able to walk the next day…totally normal to like that right?

This week’s workout requires ZERO equipment, which you know means ZERO excuses!

Booty Blaster

Give this workout a try before you enjoy your weekend! I promise your legs will feel like jello before you finish!

xo, Jess

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