Arm Jiggle Blaster Workout

Posted on March 20, 2015 at 12:32 am by

Happy FIT FRIDAY! I’ve been getting a few requests for workouts that get rid of “arm jiggle/bat wings” and when y’all ask, I try to deliver (: Today’s workout focuses on triceps (the muscle on the back of your arm).

Arm Jiggle Workout


Equipment You’ll Need:

  • Set of dumbbells (I used 12 pounds)

Workout Breakdown:

Arm Jiggle Blaster Workout

You’re going to complete 4 rounds of these 4 moves. I promise if you do this workout that you will be feeling it the next day. Plus your arms are going to look amazing (:

Arm Jiggle Blaster

Try this workout and let me know what you think!

xo, Jess


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  • Libby Bolles says:

    Is it better to keep your legs bent during tricep extensions, rather than straight in front??

  • ki says:

    I recently brought a dip bar and it’s really good for working the triceps. Great post.

  • Audrey says:

    This workout was perfect!!! It was quick (10-12 minutes maybe?) and effective. I could feel the burn while I was doing it and my triceps started feeling sore by the end of the day. These move targeted the triceps perfectly and I’m definitely going to do this again in the future! Do you have a workout like this specifically for biceps or shoulders? Thank you!

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