The Big Health & Fitness Secret: Planning

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One of the biggest reasons why people tend to slack on working out: TIME. There’s just not enough of it in the day. I know. I get it. But here’s the thing…everyone has the same amount of time in each day. You just have to choose whether or not you want to make working out a priority. Just like you have to make the choice to eat healthy foods that are going to nourish your body.

One way that I was able to do that when I started trying to better my health & fitness was through planning and journalling. Now that my lifestyle has changed I don’t really have to document AS much, but when you’re first starting out, writing things out is key.

The Perks of Planning
I give all of my online clients a copy of a weekly fitness log. Writing things down holds you accountable. It forces you to see exactly what you have/haven’t done. I highly suggest starting your own weekly fitness log!

Here are some things you should be keeping track of each day:

  • Number of hours slept that night
  • Amount of water you drank that day
  • What you did for your workout (length of time and description) that day
  • A list of what you ate that day

Yes, it might take a few minutes to journal this stuff out, but it is a game changer! Just buy a small spiral notebook from Target and carry it with you in your purse. Every time you eat something, jot it down. Knowing that you have to write down what you eat, might make you second guess eating that cookie or that side of fries. Seriously such a good way to hold yourself accountable to your goals (:

It also helps to get a planner and as you plan out each day, schedule exactly when you’re going to do your workout. Treat it as an appointment, not something that is an option.

I’m serious y’all…these 2 tips, journalling and planning, made all the difference in helping me reach my health & fitness goals. Even if you’ve been living a healthy lifestyle for awhile, but you feel like you’re plateauing, these are some great tools to get you back on track!

xo, Jess

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