Talk It Out Tuesday: The Hype About HIIT

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I get asked this question probably more than any other question:

What type of workouts do you do to look like that?

People are under the impression that I spend hours a day working out. FALSE. I spend around 45 minutes a day working out. An hour on days that I’m feeling really ambitious (aka have some spare time…). How do I get such great results without spending the majority of my life in a gym? HIIT, that’s how. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. I’ve seen HIIT take the fitness world by storm recently. I’ve been doing HIIT style workouts for well over two years now. They are my go-to type of workouts. They are quick, efficient, and they make me sweat like no other.

What is HIIT?

Now that you know HIIT stands for high intensity interval training, let’s talk about what exactly that means. HIIT is a type of training that involves cycles of high intensity bursts followed by low intensity recovery. The cool thing about HIIT is that it can be used with anaerobic (aka activity involving strength, speed, and power like weightlifting or sprinting) and aerobic (aka activity involving long distances and slow paces like running or biking) exercises.

What are the benefits of HIIT?

HIIT is known as the best way to burn fat FAST. Because HIIT pushes your body to work to its max, the EPOC (excess-post exercise oxygen consumption) effect works in your advantage, boosting your metabolism. EPOC is basically an increased rate of oxygen intake by your body after an intense activity in order to restore your body to a resting state. This means that your body continues burning calories for up to 24 hours AFTER you do a HIIT workout. If that’s not a reason to do HIIT then I don’t know what is. Just in case that’s not enough, it also builds endurance and strength.

So basically I love HIIT because:

  • It is effective.
  • It causes your body to continue burning calories post workout.
  • HIIT will lean you out like no other type of exercise.
  • IT KICKS MY BUTT and gives me the results that I’m looking for. I love feeling like I’ve pushed my limits after a workout.
  • It is quick. I just don’t like going on hour long runs in order to get my cardio in…PASS. When it comes to steady state cardio, this is how I usually feel:cardio


If you’re looking for some HIIT workouts to do at home, give these a try!


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  • Mary Beth says:

    A little over 5 months ago I had a baby and then began to workout for the first time in probably two years. I have since lost 60 lbs! The only exercise I have been doing is running, so I think I’m ready to try a HIIT workout! For some reason they have intimidated me in the past. I’m looking forward to your Friday post 🙂

  • Tiffany says:

    Hi Jess!
    Would you recommend this sort of exercise if your goal is not to lose weight? I’m still trying to gain weight (120 lbs 5″9) i eat mostly healthy because of my food intolerances but I don’t exercise. I’m unsure on where to start because every thing I see is about losing weight!

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