Staying Motivated and Making Healthy Decisions (even when your friends don’t)

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Happy June! Did y’all see the June workout calendar that I posted this weekend? There are a ton of workouts on there that will help get you ready for summer (: I always go back and forth with summer and spring being my favorite seasons. I LOVE how the weather feels during the spring, but all of the fun summer activities are unbeatable. Bonfires, cookouts, cornhole tournaments, beach days, tailgating before country concerts, hammock hanging, river floating…it just doesn’t get any better!

With all those fun activities comes a lot of temptations though. It’s really hard to stay on track and make healthy choices when most of your friends don’t…believe me, I KNOW, haha. A lot of my friends don’t really have healthy eating and fitness as a priority in their lives. And I don’t push it on them. I just make sure that I keep myself on track when I’m with them.

Stay Motivated and Make Healthy Decisions

1. Bring your own food.

It can be a pain, but it’s so worth it. I try to bring my own entree when I go to a cookout. I usually bring a piece of chicken to grill or something like that. It’s hard to say no to potato salad, summer sweets, burger buns, etc in the moment, but I always feel 100 times better that I made healthy choices after everyone has eaten. And my body is way happier with me, too.

2. Plan active things for everyone to do together.

Summer is a great time for people to get outside and do things together! Plan a bike ride, canoe trip, volleyball tournament or anything that’s outside and gets people moving. How do you think I trick my friends into working out with me? (; KIDDING! But really, most people love doing these kind of activities and it’s a good way to stay active, so it’s a win/win!

3. Stay hydrated.

Water is your BFF remember? It keeps you full between meals and um…keeps you from passing out during those fun activities that you’re doing. It’s especially important to stay hydrated if there are adult beverages involved in your plans…which let’s be honest, summer and drinks just go together. For every drink that you enjoy, have 1 glass of water to balance everything out.

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

You’re not perfect. No one is. You’re probably going to slip up once in awhile…have a bite of that summer sweet treat or have a hotdog with a (gasp) white bun. Well y’all…life goes on. And you’re not gonna sabotage all of your hard work by one little off eating day. Don’t obsess over what you did yesterday. Everyday is a new day to accomplish new goals.

5. You do you.

People might think you’re crazy at first, but they’ll get used to your healthy habits…and eventually will respect them, too! They might tease you and make health & fitness jokes, but hey, you’re the one who’s gonna be looking awesome and feeling great…who’s the REAL winner here? Just saying. If your friends truly care about you they’ll respect your healthy lifestyle…and even make special accommodations without you even having to ask. Either way, don’t worry about them. You do you!

Here’s to a fun & healthy summer!
xo, Jess

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