Sleep = Success For Your Training

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Wait, you mean I’m telling you to skip your workout and SLEEP and you’ll reach your goals? Well…that’s not exactly what I’m trying to say. But I am saying that getting enough sleep is essential for your training and for reaching your goals.


Some people are under the false impression that you have to workout for 2 hours a day, 6-7 days a week in order to get fit and healthy. I guess it could work that way. But a more enjoyable (and in my opinion, healthier way) is by working out 5-6 days per week for 45-60 minutes, getting proper nutrition and getting enough sleep. A lot of people have the eating right and working out parts down, but when it comes to sleep they slack on catching enough Z’s.

When you sleep, that’s when your body is repairing itself and recuperating. It’s essential!

Why is sleep important to your training?

  • Sleep can help keep your blood pressure lower.
  • It improves your performance because you’ve given your body time to recoup and rejuvenate.
  • Sleep helps you lose more fat as opposed to muscle. Researchers from the University of Chicago found that people who were sleep deprived lost more muscle mass than fat.
  • It lowers your stress, which = a better mood, which = better for everyone.
  • Sleep helps keep our weight under control. When we get enough sleep our body has a better chance of properly processing and storing carbs.

Fun Fact: Sleep and metabolism are controlled by the same part of our brain. Hmm…seems like sleep is pretty important, right?

How much sleep is enough sleep?

As adults, it is important to get 7-9 hours of sleep per night. I know it’s hard to make time for this (believe me, I struggle with finding enough hours in the day as it is) but it makes a world of a difference in your training, your mood, your usefulness the next day and so much more. SLEEP IS GOOD. Sleep is NECESSARY.

As your trainer, I’m telling you…GO TO SLEEP (; Seriously. Don’t neglect your Z’s, you need your beauty sleep.

xo, Jess


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  • Pamela says:

    that picture of Buck!! awwwwww so sweet

  • Katrin says:

    Just the right post to read after having had a two hour during-the-day nap. What do you think of catching up some hours of sleep in the evening? As a teacher I have to get up quite early (5:50am) and sometimes I am totally tired at 3pm.

    Many greetings from Germany!
    I just found your Blog throug TaraLynn’s site 🙂


    • Glisten Fit says:

      If your body needs the sleep, listen to it 🙂 That’s my motto! I’m not much of a napper, but if my body needs it one day, I do it!
      Thanks for reading…means so much to me! xo

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