Selfies: Use Them Don’t Abuse Them

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So if you don’t live under a rock, you’re probably aware of what a selfie is. If you’re unsure, allow me to show you:


When you think “selfie” you typically think of lots of make up, duck lips, and #nofilter, am I right? Sure that’s what most people use the selfie for. But there are WAY better uses for them. Selfies are one of the best ways to track your fitness progress! And it’s such an easy way to keep track. Literally all you so is snap a picture of yourself.

I don’t see fitness selfies as showy or conceited. If you use them the right way, anyway. I probably take 3 pictures of myself a week after I workout. I like to compare the pictures to previous weeks. I compare how I look and feel based on what workouts I’ve done, what I’ve eaten, etc. It’s a really great way to see what’s working best for me versus what’s not.

It can be difficult to see the progress that you’re making in your health/fitness journey since you see yourself every day. Little changes aren’t easy to see day to day. But those little changes add up to big changes. And being able to see those little changes is such a motivation.


Using pictures of yourself is a great way to be your own fitspiration. You are in charge of your goals. You are the one who is going to make them happen. So work hard, eat clean and snap pictures to track your progress. You can and will make your goals happen!

For the sake of everyone on Instagram…use selfies, don’t abuse them.

xo, Jess

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