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If you’ve ever been around a gym or done any research online about fitness, I’m sure you’ve heard TONS of buzzwords. These words get thrown around a lot, but not everyone is clear on what they mean exactly. The point of this Glisten Fitness Glossary is break these words down into layman’s terms for y’all. Every couple of weeks I’ll be adding words to the glossary…so if there is a word that you want to see, let me know (: You can always access the glossary quickly by clicking “Say What?” in the navigation bar.

Fitness Glossary

The words that were added to the glossary today are:

Reps: short for repetition – one complete movement of an exercise.

Sets: a group of consecutive reps.

Circuit Training: a series of exercises that is done one after another with minimal rest. Known for being fast paced and burning a lot of calories.

Resistance Training: aka strength training. The purpose of it is to increase strength and muscle mass.

Plyometrics: aka jump training or plyos. Explosive exercises where muscles exert max force in as short of a time as possible. Focuses on moving muscles from extension to contraction quickly and powerfully.

Hope these help!

xo, Jessica

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