How to Keep Your Health & Fitness on Track During Vacation

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Sweet, sweet summertime. The season of vacations, am I right? Adam & I went to the beach with my parents this weekend and we made it a priority to keep our health & fitness on track. Adam just started his health & fitness journey and he didn’t want to get too far off track so soon.

Today I’m gonna share a few things that we did to keep things under control, while still managing to have a good time!

Staying on Track During Vacation

Tips for Keeping Your Health & Fitness on Track During Vacation (without being boring):

1. Wake up 30 minutes early and get a workout in.
Adam chose to go for a jog. I chose to do a 30 minute bodyweight cardio circuit. It took us 30 minutes, and then we could enjoy the rest of the day knowing that we got our workouts in early.

2. Drink lots of water.
Staying hydrated will help keep you from reaching for the crap food. Sometimes your body mistakes being dehydrated for being hungry. Stay hydrated so you don’t have to worry about this. We just kept water bottles with us everywhere we went. Not too difficult to do!

3. Order drinks but skip the extras.
We like to enjoy a drink or 2 when we go out. But this time I skipped the whipped cream on my pina colada and Adam got his margaritas sans salt & sugar on the rim. Obviously NO alcoholic drinks are the healthier choice, butttt let’s be honest, everyone likes a few drinks on vacay.

4. Pack healthy snacks.
We spent a lot of our trip outside in the sun. Which left us super hungry. Instead of racing up to the hotel room to eat chips and cookies, we packed healthy snacks like almonds, Quest bars and fruit to hold us over between meals.

5. Be active.
Choose activities that require you to move around and be active. Like biking, hiking or playing a sport. We walked on the beach and played putt putt. If we would’ve stayed longer I would’ve rented bikes for us to ride on the beach. Exercising and being active doesn’t mean you’re stuck on a treadmill for hours, people! We didn’t even set foot in the resort’s gym.

6. Order healthy meals when you go out to eat.
Healthy doesn’t mean boring. We ate a lot of seafood on our trip. I made sure to order whatever fish I wanted, but didn’t eat fries or any other greasy sides. I had my fish blackened rather than fried. I also tried an acai bowl for breakfast one morning and it was delicious. I’m planning on recreating one now that we’re home (post soon).

Beach vacay

It’s the little things like these that will add up and make your trip enjoyable without leaving you feeling guilty!

xo, Jess


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