Focus on Your Workouts

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Did y’all have a good weekend?! I did! I got lots of work AND relaxing done, which is a win in my book! The weather was pretty gloomy but the rain stopped on Sunday so Adam & I took our hammocks to a local park and enjoyed the cool weather for a few hours.


Anyway…on to today’s post: focusing on your workouts. Sounds simple right? Well we live in a go, go, go world. There is always something that needs to be done, somewhere we need to be, and our phones are constantly beeping and lighting up with notifications.

Focus on Your Workouts

I don’t know about you, but I’m guilty of checking emails, texts, and Instagram during my workouts. I leave my phone by my water bottle and when it’s time for a supposed to be 30 second water break…I end up spending 3-5 minutes on my phone. Oops. #guilty

Not only is this going to bring down the effectiveness of my workout, it really alters my mental state. It breaks my focus, which doesn’t allow me to work as hard as should be working. With so many long breaks during my workouts, I’m not pushing my hardest or giving my all.

One of my personal goals is to starting focusing completely on my workouts while I do them. This is going to save time and make my workouts & results better! I came up with some tips for improving focus during workouts:

1. Put your phone on airplane mode.

Or better yet, put it in a different room. I use my phone for playing music during my workouts so I can’t completely turn it off or put it out of earshot. So I’ve decided that I’m going to start putting it in airplane mode so it won’t be as tempting of a distraction. Boom…distraction #1 gone.

2. Workout outside.

For some reason I always get the urge to clean my house if I workout inside. Scenarios: I’m down on the floor planking and I notice dust bunnies hiding under my fridge. I figure that I HAVE to get them RIGHT that second (because it’s not like they’ve been sitting there for a month right?). If I hear the dishwasher stop or dryer buzz then I usually stop what I’m doing and finish those chores up. If I workout outside, these distractions are gone! Plus hello…fresh air? Win.

3. Get involved in group fitness.

I workout in a group one or two times a week and both of those times, my focus is on the workout and only the workout. The atmosphere of being with other people going after the same goal is motivating. My phone is stashed away in my purse and I want nothing more than to push my hardest for that 45 minutes. My attention is undivided and my workout is my main priority. Plus group fitness is huge as far as accountability goes.

So strive to really focus on your workouts this week. Like REALLY focus. I want you to push your hardest. Give your all. Make every workout count. I’m in this with you (:

xo, Jess


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