5 Ways to Improve Meal Time

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This is one of those posts that was inspired by my own bad habits. But now that I’ve been working on the issue and I’ve gotten a lot better, I think it’s time for a blog post!

Eating is something that we have to do to sustain ourselves. We might as well make the most of it and choose foods that are going to fuel our bodies and make us feel good right?

I’ve got that part down, but I’ve never made real time for meal time. It’s always been an on the go type situation. Working 3 jobs doesn’t leave much time for sit down meals. But today I want to share 5 way to improve meal time!

I know that not every meal can be a sit down, enjoyable affair, but I think it’s important to make time to sit down and eat at least one meal per day rather than stuffing a granola bar (ew, no) down our throats on our way to work or to school or wherever.

5 ways to Improve Meal Time

1. Sit down.

I know, groundbreaking. But you’d be surprised how many people don’t even make time to sit down for one meal a day. It’s important to make an affair out of eating…sitting down and enjoying at least one meal a day helps keep me full. Because when I sit down to enjoy a meal, I take the time to make something delicious and I portion it out right.

2. Put your food on a plate.

This ties in with number 1. Don’t eat your food out of tupperware or a Styrofoam to go box. So you’ll have a few extra dirty dishes…you’ll live. Putting your food on an actual plate (or in a bowl, whatever) helps you control your portion sizes. You can see how much you’re eating.

3. Shut down distractions.

Yep…you know what this means. Phone, computer, iPad, TV = off. The best meal times are when Adam & I sit across from each other and enjoy our food and each other’s presence. Even if you’re eating the meal by yourself, use the time to think or to savor your food. Clear your mind and just relax.

4.  Chew your food.

Another groundbreaking point, right? A lot of people tend to inhale their food. We’re always in a hurry, so it’s easy to grab something quick and eat it in the car as fast as we can. Well if you take the time to chew each bite and really eat your meal this helps with only eating until you’re full…if you’re stuffing your face, you might overeat.

5. Don’t rush.

If you’re taking the time to chew your food, like number 4 says, this will automatically happen. Take your time. Let your body digest the food and acknowledge when its full rather than pushing it over the top until you feel sick.

I challenge you to make time for at least one sit down meal a day. Make an event out it. Enjoy yourself. Savor your food. I usually have a sit down breakfast. I make an omelet and coffee and just chill out. I like to sit by the window so I can watch the sun come up or the birds chirp. It sounds so lame but that peaceful start to my day really sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Bon appetite, y’all!

xo, Jess


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  • Nicole says:

    Since reading this, I’ve noticed that none of my meals follow these rules! My morning is a smoothie on the way to work, though I enjoy a cup of coffee beforehand while browsing some blogs. My lunch is me sitting in the staff room and chatting to everyone while I eat my salad, and then sometimes we don’t cook dinner. I’m meal planning my dinners, so that I can actually cook them and sit down now!

  • Angelica says:

    Thank you for talking about this! That is something my husband and I are trying to do. As a matter of fact, I’m trying to get him to follow #3 and #4…lol! Even though I’m guilty of doing the same thing, but I do notice how sick I feel after eating too fast : (

    On top of that, I’m training , with some friends, for the Dirty Girl Mud Run this summer. I can definitely tell that the way I’ve eaten has taken a toll on my body. This is my first race, so I’m taking baby steps as far as my health goes. Sorry for the long comment, but keep these positive/encouraging posts going! I love them : )

    P.S. Love, love LOVE the wedding pictures!!! : )

    • Glisten Fit says:

      Don’t apologize 🙂 Thank YOU for your support, girl! Good luck on your run coming up this summer…I’ve done the Dirty Girl Mud run and it’s a BLAST!


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