5 Tips for Keeping Your Health & Fitness on Track While You’re Traveling…and a video of Luke Bryan shaking it. You’re Welcome.

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I know that staying on track with your health & fitness can be challenging when you’re on a trip. This past weekend, my brother took me to the Tortuga Music Festival to see Luke Bryan & Eric Church! Um best wedding gift ever? (; I was very aware about what I ate/drank and my workouts while I was gone. I think it’s important to enjoy yourself when you’re on a fun trip, but it’s also not worth it to go totally crazy…especially when your wedding is t-minus 4 DAYS AWAY!

5 Tips for Keeping Your Health & Fitness On Track While You're Traveling

1. Pack some healthy snacks.

If you’re driving a far distance to get anywhere, it’s very easy to get tempted by all the fast food that you’re passing. Especially if your stomach is making sounds like a baby dinosaur. I like to pack a few things to munch on during the drive like almonds, pistachios, fruit, etc. I keep a few healthy snacks in my hotel room, too so that if I get back late one night I can eat that rather than stopping somewhere to get food.

2. Walk as much as you can.

In a lot of vacation type spots, most hotels are in walking distance from attractions that you’re wanting to explore. The extra walking is a good way to keep yourself active while you’re on your trip. My brother got us a hotel about a mile and a half from the concert, so both days we walked to and from the concert. It was tiring (especially the walk home) but I felt really good about making sure to get in a little bit of exercise.

3. Stay hydrated, especially if you’re enjoying some adult beverages.

Before we got to the concert I stopped and bought us each a 1 liter bottle of water. The concert had refill stations where we could fill up our own water bottles. Since we were out in the sun all day, I knew it was important for us to drink plenty of water. Be prepared and always have water with you!

4. Plan to workout a few times on your trip…adventures count!

Even I don’t want to spend my entire vacations working out. But I still like the feeling of including a workout most days that I’m away from home. Even if you’re biking around town, hiking, kayaking…those still count since you’re being active! I usually write out a few workouts ahead of time so that while I’m on my trip I can just grab the workout and do it. I stick to 20-30 minute HIIT routines when I’m away. They’re quick, easy, and still leave me sweating.

5. Make good decisions when you order at restaurants.

I’ve dedicated an entire post to this before. You can read 10 tips for making healthier choices in restaurants here. It’s important to not let yourself completely go while on vacation. Think of all the hard work you’ve put in up to that point….enjoy yourself but in moderation (: We had to order from food trucks since that’s all that the festival had. I chose some grilled mahi mahi and rice. That’s a lot better than going for the fried funnel cake!

Summertime is coming up, so hopefully when you’re on your trips and vacations you can use these tips to help you stay on track. 

xo, Jess

P.S. Here is a picture of my brother & I at the festival! SO FUN! Even with creepy photo bombers…


We got ridiculously close to Luke…


And after seeing this…I am now ready to get married (; You’re welcome…



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  • Kelly Jo says:

    OH My LUKE!!!!! Hot tamale!!!!! I saw him in Nashville last October and he is nothing short of amazing on all levels!!!! FL GA Line opened for him and they were equally amazing!

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