4 Things You Should Be Doing Post-Workout

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So you just had the best sweat sesh at the gym…you killed your workout, gave your all, and you feel fabulous. Now what? You’re not done. Even though your actual workout is done, there are 4 things that you should be doing right after your workout if you want to see the best results possible!

4 Things You Should Be Doing Post-Workout1. Cool Down.

So many people think it’s okay to skip the cool down. I usually do a 3-5 minute walk for my cool down. Why do you need to cool down? Your body needs to take time to gradually get back to its normal heart rate. You can’t go from 90 to 0 in 2 seconds and expect your body to be okay to just go about the rest of the day. Don’t skip your cool down!

2. Foam Roll & Stretch.

Not only do we need to stretch pre-workout (dynamic stretching), but it’s also important to do some static (still) stretches post-workout. Really focus on stretching the muscles groups that you just worked out. This is also a good time to foam roll for a few minutes. I would foam roll first to loosen up the muscles, then stretch right after. This won’t take you more than 5 minutes and it will help prevent you from being extremely sore from your workouts. Take care of those muscles…you need them!

3. Hydrate.

You probably just sweat out a gallon of water (if you sweat as much as I do anyway, ha!) so you need to make sure that you replenish your body by drinking plenty of water after your workout.

4. Fuel aka Eat.

It is so important to eat after you workout. Your body needs protein within half an hour of working out to aid in repairing your muscles. When we work out, we are tearing our muscles. In order for them to repair themselves and grow they need fuel (protein). A lot of people (girls specifically) fear eating after they workout…they think that if they eat, their workout was for nothing. It’s actually the other way around…if you don’t eat after a workout, you’re doing it wrong. Your body needs fuel! Just make sure to eat a healthy meal and you definitely won’t be reversing the workout you just did.

These things won’t take too much time, and they are essential for a successful health & fitness journey! Make time for these 4 steps after you workout and you’ll be golden.

xo, Jess

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  • Carmen says:

    How to eat after a work out always confuses me. I’ve read many things saying that you should about 30 minutes after working out. I do a 30 minute workout every morning and finish my work out at 7. But I dont eat breakfast until 8. Is that not soon enough or does it matter with shorter workouts.

  • Maureen says:

    Hi Jessica, do you drink protein poweder after a workout? What protein do you recommend? I have tried the perfect fit protein which you mentioned you take once but I don’t like the taste! Any recommendations?

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